Feature Request: Every Sov Null Region has Dockable Stations

Dear CCP Fozzie,

I am a solo pilot that enjoys terrorizing Sov Bears in deep null sec. Since the motto of EVE is "you are never safe" I take great pride in killing Sov Bears who think they can hide on the edges of the universe.

However, I have noticed there is a limitation to my homicidal urges. When I find my self in need of ammo, new ships, repairs, or just a place to go afk for a few minutes while I grab a beer, I am confronted by the fact that the Sov Bears I have been killing won't allow me to dock at their stations.

I believe this is not an intended game mechanic because it allows what should be the most dangerous space in the game to be... Safe.

I'm sure you feel like I do and would like to see more of these people punished, so I have a few ideas I would like to share with you.

The easiest would be to remove the mechanic that disallows docking from stations. Taxing docking pilots and taxing services within reason (max 10 Million ISK) is fine but docking should never be restricted.

The next option would be to add NPC Null to every region in the game. Even just one system with a station that has all the services. This would allow small gang corps and solo pilots to operate more easily.

The end effect of both of these options is more conflict and more danger. Basically, a better game.

Thank you for your consideration,


P.S. I will be in Vegas if you would like to discuss more ways we can make the Sov Bears pay for their crimes. Perhaps we can even round them up in Vegas and force them to watch Brittany Spears Live? or is that going to far?

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