EVE Vegas… The Epic Weekend Space Bros Took On Las Vegas Day 1

I got back from Vegas last night at about 9pm (9 hours after I got to the Vegas Airport that morning) and I was completely exhausted. I was starving and too lazy to cook, so I ordered a pizza and desperately tried to stay awake long enough for it to arrive. By 11pm I was in a deep sleep that would last 14 blissful hours.

Feeling well rested and sober, I decided to recount my trip for all to read about and enjoy...

Note: What follows is Day 1 of my account of EVE Vegas. Much has been forgotten because of too much alcohol and too little sleep. And much will be omitted due to the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Rule.

The whole weekend started on Thursday, when I parked my car at the Jacksonville Airport (and forgot where I parked, oops), then boarded a 5 hour flight to Las Vegas.

On the flight I tried to read (The Wolf of Wall Street) but only got through about 50 pages before I was tired of reading, so the rest of the flight I listened to music and enjoyed the scenery as the land changed from woodsy, to all farms, to desolate desert. Finally we crossed of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, which both looked awesome from above, and landed in Vegas.

Jacksoville Airport about to board my flight


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After getting lost in the Las Vegas airport because I didn't realize I had to take a train inside the airport to get to baggage, I made my way outside. There I quickly found the place that sells shuttle tickets and when asking for a Ticket to the RIO, I was convinced to buy a round trip shuttle ticket for a discount. I then waited about 20-30 minutes for a Shuttle to finally arrive.

The shuttle ride was a nice way to see Vegas, but due to some one switching luggage and us having to back track, the trip took almost an hour and a half before arriving at the RIO.

After that trip I realized there was no way in hell I would trust them to get me back to the airport on time and threw away my return ticket, (8 bucks wasted). I would take a Taxi when I left.

View from Shuttle omw to the Rio

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The line to check in to the hotel was pretty long because I was there right at about 3:30pm which is prime check in time. But after about 30 minutes I was headed to the room.

My room was on the 24th floor of the Mascarade Tower and each time I rode the elevator up or down I had to equalize my ears. The room it's self was very good as far as hotels go. I have stayed in a decent amount of hotels (including a free night in a presidential suite) and this was better than all them when you factor in the view.

The view from my room consisted of an entire wall of glass that looked out on Las Vegas. At night it was spectacular!

After getting settled, I decided to get a nap because I had only slept 3 hours the night before and I knew it was going to be a long weekend. Shortly after laying down I got a Text from the alliance member who would be staying with me over the weekend saying he missed his connecting flight and wouldn't arrive until after 9pm. So I tried to sleep, but just laid there too excited to sleep and after an hour of no sleep I decided to get dressed and go walk around and check out the Rio.

It probably took me 30 minutes to walk the entire property which consisted of 2 buffets, 4+ restaurants, a very large casino, about 3 pools with waterfalls, a large sports area for sports betting, a stage, lots of bars, and lots of small shops.

After my exploration I decided it was time hit the Black Jack tables. I dropped $80 bucks on a $10 dollar table and started to play. After about 5 minutes I asked the dealer if he could get me a waitress, because if I was going to lose money, I damn well better be getting free drinks. The waitress promptly arrived and took my order for a Heineken.

It only took her a few minutes and she arrived with my Aluminum Bottle of Heineken. I'm assuming they serve it in Aluminum so people don't hurt themselves or the dealers after all their money has be taken away.

I tipped her 2 bucks for this beer and 2 bucks for all of the following 4 beers.

You may be wondering why I would tip $2 bucks for a free beer. That friends is a PRO TIP...

A Heineken at the bar costs about $10 dollars so that's really not the best option. Also, if you tip your waitress she will work you like your a Slot Machine that pays on command. You tip, and she brings you a new beer every 10 minutes compared to if you don't tip, and you MIGHT get 1 free beer every two hours if you're lucky. Awesome Service is priceless friends.

Five Beers later I am already getting a little drunk and only down $20 dollars when Astro (my in game Alliance friend) arrives and texts me to meet him at the front entrance. I grab my chips and walk over to begin an awkward moment I can only assume was shared by almost everyone else who met in game friends at EVE Vegas.

I walked toward the door and began to scan the all the people I saw. I had seen him before in a picture but still it was difficult. Suddenly I saw a possibility and moved in closer, we got closer and he said in an uncertain voice "Are you Abbadon? to which I replied "Yeah!" and "How's it going bro?"

With the initial awkwardness behind us we each relayed funny stories about our trips and headed up to the room so he could drop his stuff off.

After a few texts we met up with two other guys who had recently left our alliance for Gentlemens Agreement. They informed us that a big group of Gents were over at the Golden Nugget hanging out. So we walked the roughly quarter mile to get the the Nugget.

I was curious why we would go to another hotel to drink but upon arrival I saw why... $2 dollar Coors Light until midnight!

We met probably 7 Gents and 2 Goons at the bar, but unfortunately I do not remember any of their names. They were a good bunch and a lot of laughs were had by all.

For the next almost 2 hours we pumped as much beer into our systems as we could and decided that we should find a open liquor store to help avoid buying the $10 dollar drinks from the bars. Unfortunately, the only liquor store we found was closed because it was well after midnight at this point.

Faced with such a seriously disturbing issue as running out of Alcohol we all started theory crafting the best way to acquire more booze.

While doing this one guy noticed what appeared to be Zach Galafanackis from Hangover and upon closer inspection we realized it really did look like him! He walked right by us and I snapped the following picture with my phone...


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We decided to go ask to get our picture taken and started to approach only to notice he was hitting on a chick and decided not mess up his chances. Most likely it was just a really good impersonator. But if that's the case, why did he have a police escort?

After the sighting, our best idea we could think of to get more alcohol was to go play Black Jack. That didn't work out so well because it took 30 minutes for us to get one free drink and most of us lost around $20 bucks (I only lost $5). But, we (and our dealer) had a great time playing.

With our free drinks in hand we set off back for the Rio. Once we got there our beers were empty, so we searched our phones for the nearest local place to buy beer. Google maps said there were places nearby but we couldn't figure out how to get to them. (the next day we found out there was a place less than 2 blocks away that sold beer)

Moments after we began our Phone search, Astro walked up with two $15 dollar each 12 packs of Coors Light from the in hotel shop and we set off for the room.

At this point my memory goes fuzzy, but I believe we drank until 4am at which point I decided it was time for sleep and everyone else decided it was time to go party more.

Evidently, two of our group made the roughly 3/4 mile walk to the Caesar's Palace only to use the bathroom and walk back due to being so drunk and tired. I believe they didn't get back until 7am.

What followed for me was drunken unconsciousness (not sleep) for about 4 hours then a poor nights sleep until 12pm the next day (3pm Eastern Time)

Next Time In Part 2:  A 6 Mile Hike, Roller Coasters, Last Vegas, The Mayor of Las Vegas, The Pub Crawl, Peanuts, Vomiting, Segregation, and More Heavy Drinking.

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