EVE Valkyrie to be released on PS4?

OK... This isn't the type of article I usually do, because I try to focus more on the How-To side of EVE Online. But, at the chance of being right, I think it's worth it.

As many of you know CCP Games has announced that it is creating a brand new game called EVE Valkyrie (read about it here). So far they have been very tight lipped about this game except to say it is an evolution of EVE VR.


EVE VR is a concept developed by some of CCP's developers who purchased a Oculus Rift VR Developers Kit via Kickstarter. Basically from what little I've read about it, EVE VR puts you in the cockpit of a Fighter (like those launched from a carrier) and lets you fly first person all joystick style, but the coolest part is that it uses the Occulus Rift headset which allows you to look around by just moving your head.

What is unclear at this time is what exactly Valkyrie will be, what platform it will be released on (Console or PC), and whether or not it will be a part of the EVE Online world like Dust is.

There are a few things we know to give us clues though:

  1. Dust was released to PlayStation, but directly affects the PC world of EVE Online.
  2. CCP likes to be creative and innovative and they have taken many risks other MMOs would never take.
  3. CCP is very close to Sony, but not just because of Dust. Evidently John Smedley, CEO of Sony Online Entertainment is an avid EVE player and even attends fan fest.
  4. EVE VR is very clearly tied in to EVE by placing the player in the cockpit of a Fighter launched from a carrier.

So all that tells us that it could be a PlayStation game, and will likely have some direct tie in with the EVE Universe.

But will it be PC or Console?

The problem with both is that the player will need the new headset to play and while many (most?) current EVE players would spring for a headset, it could be a strategic mistake to put a $300+ barrier (targeted cost of Oculus Rift Headset) to entry on the game.

But what if the upcoming PS4 had a VR headset that could be purchased and added for a reasonable (mass produced) price?

That's where it gets interesting... It looks like Sony is planning to offer VR Games and a VR Headset to go with the new PS4 (read about it here).

Now it's a pretty big leap to tie all these threads together but:

  • CCP is connected to Sony
  • Sony wants VR on PS4
  • CCP is launching a VR game
  • CCP released it's last game to PlayStation
  • CCP is connected to Oculus Rift
  • Sony needs a headset that is reasonably priced

Does this mean Sony will license the Oculus Rift and mass produce it at a lower price? Will EVE Valkyrie be a PS4 game? Will we all get to jump in a fighter and launch from a corp mate's carrier into epic battles where dog fights decide the outcome?

I don't know... If so, there are certainly a lot of potential problems with the mechanics of implementing such a thing, but anything is possible and I'm very interested.

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