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From: rapptor

March 14, 2017

Dude, you will want to see this kill!
From: Matthias Greccian
Sent: 2016.11.26 23:49
To: Abbadon21,

Kill: Glen Burnie (Typhoon)  Kill: Glen Burnie (Capsule)

Get Some!

Thanks Abba for Eve Pro Guides!


Re: Dude, you will want to see this kill!

From: Abbadon21
Sent: 2016.11.29 04:45
To: Matthias Greccian,

HAHA, That's awesome! Very nice. I'm guessing it was a kill right you activated? Not the intended use of the Tristan but a great risk/reward and great fight.

Killing a BS with T1 Frigate is pretty rare, well done!

Do you mind if I post this to the website publicly?

I want to show people this.



Re: Dude, you will want to see this kill!
From: Matthias Greccian
Sent: 2016.11.29 23:29
To: Abbadon21,

Please post it. If it helps get more people interested in a great product such as EveProGuides.com I am all for it. I cant wait to use some of the other ships in your guides. I had an alt skill up to fly pilgrims and I have been slaying things with that. Love your guides! If I see you out there dont shoot me alt or not! lol


My first brutix solo pvp kill
From: Kandali
Sent: 2016.05.03 15:10
To: Abbadon21,Bro,I just want to thank you for your brutix guide and tactics lecture. My first legit solo pvp kills (linked below) are totally due to your teaching.I used slightly amended fit Kandali's Brutix (no drones as I just lost them in the fight 🙂 ) Escaped with 22% structure.

Kill: Leopold Lark (Svipul)  Kill: Leopold Lark (Capsule)

Thank you.

Good hunting,

Finally made it
From: M****** G*****
Sent: 2015.11.13 08:50
To: Abbadon21

Hi,after 2 years of fights, losses and some wins I finally made it to the TOP 1000 on BC :)Thanks for any tips and advice you gave me on my way.

I'm still far away from Your achievements, but one day...



Riddyk November 9, 2015
Bobbity August 24, 2015
Phrynohyas August 17, 2015
ExplodingPigeons August 15, 2015


2/25/2015 10:37 AM


I want to say thanks again for our 1 on 1 PVP lesson in January.

Your advice after looking at my KB was to "lose some ships." That was the best advice. Since that time, my corp has relocated to FW space where I've focused mainly on flying frigates. They are cheap to lose and I can try out a ton of different fits and tactics. At first, I topped my Corp's list of "ship losers" but I noticed that I started creeping up the "Top Character" list as well. It took losing dozens of ships literally to overcome my fear of taking a risk. I have lost that "oh no, I'm about to get butt-f'd" sensation every time I engage. And after each loss, I write down a couple of notes on ships types, tactical mistakes, and "lessons learned." Just that small thing helped me learn quickly what to look for in a system, how to choose my fights wisely, and the various tactical advantages and disadvantages of frigates.

Thanks again for for the lesson. I'm thinking of doing a follow-up lesson to hone some of the tactics we went over earlier.



markod 11/04/2014, 5:06 pm:

YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched this and other video now, only GOD knows how many times and with your technical and detailed training video I was able to kill a Garmur worth over 105mil isk with my 5mil Tristan with 5 hob’s and 2 ion blasters. Against a guy that is 3 years my senior, and I’m only 7 months old. I can not crack his Imperial Navy slicer, but his Garmur I got!!!!!.
Thank you so much. “You the man!!!!”
I’m not going to post the kill here cause humiliation is not my style.

Oh, most important thing.


The one thing I noticed is that as I view/watch your video and then do, I can then go back to your video and I’ll notice that there is something I missed in the previous viewing but now noticed and put that into practice. So for those thinking of purchasing this. Make sure you watch this a few times before and after you put the skills into practice cause it helps.


From: K****
Sent: 2014.11.01 04:49
To: Abbadon21,

Hi Abbadon, Just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank You. I'm a start from scratch guy so mining in the venture was the start. I do appreciate all aspects of the game and that you have made things more understandable. Your videos are top grade and thought you should know someone out there really thanks you for it.

Thanks again 🙂



From: ******* ******
Sent: 2014.09.26 07:09
To: Abbadon21,


so after months of hard learning and painful defeats, I've finally reached 500 kills on my counter 🙂 90% of them are solo and I'm particularly proud of it.

Next target is 1000 🙂

Thanks for your guides which helped me to get here.




Im growing as a pvper thanks to you
From: S**** *****
Sent: 2014.07.28 21:25
To: Abbadon21,

Hey, I Just wanted to write you a mail saying thank you for your guides. I've been slowing growing as a pvper and am now started to record my fights and upload them to youtube. It's slow going but I am definitely getting better and improving!

Once I burn through the rest of these Atrons I'll be getting your SFI guide and playing around in those!



You have been added as contact
From: Z**** *****
Sent: 2014.07.23 04:02

Z**** ***** has added you as contact with Excellent Standing

Recent customer of your ISK PRO Guide....lovin every minute of it!


Love the vids
From: F*****
Sent: 2014.06.20 09:33
To: Abbadon21,

I bought the frigate pvp guide, and I gotta say it was worth it.  Kill: Xenovenom (Crusader) I haven't got many kill yet but this is the one I'm most proud of


From: ********
Sent: 2014.05.14 18:04
To: Abbadon21,

I have watched your videos on youtube and want to thank you for the great advice - I started to try to do what you said and it took a month or so to get use to, Now Im only soloing in frigs and my I am today a much better pilot due to you

I have learned more about PVP in your vids than any roam gang FC in 6 years (put together)

At the moment im 35 solo kills for the loss of 1

Thank you very much for helping me and contributing to the Eve larger community



First PVP Engagement
From: T******
Sent: 2014.03.13 19:23
To: Abbadon21,


Bought your PVP pro Frigate guide. First Time out with this brand new character, not even trained up in all the skills to get the tech 2 mods expecting to die and i took down a catalys. Have a recording of the fight from start at station roaming in low sec to final blow if you want it for your channel... Would love some feedback as well. just let me know where to send you the download link



SFI Pro Guide
From: M**********
Sent: 2013.09.10 03:08
To: Abbadon21,

Hey Brother!

Picked up your SFI guide a bit ago and really enjoyed it.  I also enjoyed passing out to the sounds of your sultry sweet voice as you narrate your fights in a blissful drunken and stoned stupor.

That being said...I'd like to share some solo kills!

Most of the frigs are on grid seperation and usually on top of small gangs of 5-15...pulling them out and blah blah blah

These were the result of a 400 jump solo roam....

Kill: Zilean Ozran (Mackinaw)
Kill: Pani Kopacz (Mackinaw)
Kill: Walther Heisenberg (Atron)
Kill: Walther Heisenberg (Capsule)
Kill: augie bendoggy (Enyo)
Kill: L0SER18q (Sabre)
Kill: Harry09 (Crow)
Kill: Isola Nuuk (Rifter)
Kill: Valora Nuuks (Rifter)
Kill: Isola Nuuk (Capsule)
Kill: Valora Nuuks (Capsule)
Kill: Moya Aideron (Thrasher)
Kill: Ivan Aleshin (Ibis)
Kill: Ivanna Mandelay (Velator)
Kill: Ivanna Mandelay (Capsule)
Kill: Nia Frisby (Manticore)

But it was this one that happened today that I thought you may enjoy...

Kill: Dark Ducki (Hurricane)

Caught him on a gate a couple of jumps out of -A- staging system.  The fight lasted quite some time...possibly 3 minutes...It ended with me in 19% structure! I wish I had Fraps.

Anyways all the fluff aside thanks for the guide and a good product...I'd like to see some vagabond stuff as its RAPING people now.



Fly Baked


I feel the need to drop you a praising comment.
No more than 3 months ago i wouldnt step foot in danger zones due to fear of loss i was considering dropping eve all together , Now im happily roaming nullsec without a care in the world and the info on catching cloakies with jettison cans in bubbles is fantastic, anyone thinking of purchasing one of these guides do so you wont find anything better believe me ive bought a few lol.


Awesome guide 🙂
From: Kit*****
Sent: 2013.09.07 15:22
To: Abbadon21,

Hey o/
Just bought pro isk guide from you, it's extremely helpful, i love it 😀

Thank you so much spacebro *fist bump*


From: Khoaimon
Sent: 2013.06.17 04:06
To: Abbadon21,

Mr. Abbadon,

I'd like to share some success with you due to your guides. What you have produced are possibly the best guides to any game I've ever seen. This is a little long but I think you deserve more than, 'thanks your guide helped.' If you want to use this as a testimonial feel free.

I took a long absense from EVE after carebearing and returned to a char with about 20mil sp and decided I wanted to pvp after watching some of your videos.

I have all of your guides now and have been eagerly watching them. I started pvping (dying repeatedly in frigs) but **Censored ISK Guide Content** from your guide to ensure I would be able to continue pvping.

My **Censored ISK Guide Content** has produced about 750mil profit in the last week and stands to be around 1.5b profit on my 1.5b investment. So kudos for sure.

With some cash flowing I decided to up the ante. My carebear mission ship was previously the Hurricane and I was soloing L4s in it before the nerfs. Rather than die before I could even grasp what was happening in a frig I decided I would learn more if I could live more than 10 seconds. I was pure arty back then so I have been using your arty cane until I get ECM drones and autocannons trained. Not having one escape really makes me vulnerable.

The success: My first kill was Kill: Mehira Am'kul (Omen Navy Issue) while I was in 20% structure after they tried to jump me. But my second kill is where your guides really shined and a story worth telling.

The day before the kill a corp chased me in a dead end low sec for 30 min with 2 cynabals, a Tengu, and Proteus. After noticing they were all in DNE ships I noticed they were all together and decided to waste their time until they got bored warping all over the place.

Eventually, they left but being a dead end system they decided to gate camp me instead of chasing. I made it back to get gate (thanks to you!) just as I hit armor and eventually they got bored and let me go.

The next day I noticed the same group of people spread out among a couple systems and decided to get out and pick up some ammo before they could corner me. When I returned I found an empty zone on the way and decided to kill some rats hoping for a trader clone tag. One of them appeared on local and then vanished.

To bring the tension down I decided to hope through the gate to make sure he switched zones instead of cloaking and landed on top of their Proteus after going through.

I sat for a moment to see what would happen (again thanks to you) and sure enough a cynabal and tengu landed before my cloak went off. I turned everything on and burned to the gate, but they were ready and the Cyna and Tengu hopped through before me!

At this point I hadn't died in days, I knew these guys had hundreds-thousands of kills, and outgunned me like crazy. Before I hit the gate targetting locked on the Proteus and he was taking gate guns with shields already 1/3 gone.

I mistakenly thought I would be able to jump if I attacked him when he had first aggro and opened fire. "You are not permitted to use this gate at this time." I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the mechanic wrong, or if I was over agressive and took the first shot and locked myself there, but I had already committed to death even hanging around with this corp (again my only escape mwd and 1 nuet with no ECM drones yet).

A second Cynabal landed, the previous one came back and so did the tengu. But the Proteus was in armor. My shield and mwd were heated to try to get outa range but I forgot my guns! I gave them some heat and POP. Kill: Dante Darkstar (Proteus). I switched to one of them and got him to armor before I burst into flames. Kill: Khoaimon (Hurricane). Thanks to you I won and they will think twice next time. While I died 100mil lost to a 650mil kill is a big win in my opinion.

So again, thank you for your excellent guides and for reducing the learning curve of Eve exponentially.



Sent: 2012.12.11 05:46
To: Abbadon21,

I was able to get on the guides I purchased and I bought the Hurricane guide from you today. After watching it I had killed 5 targets within 45 mins total time playing. So awesome. I just did what you said on the video. I was so stoked. My only issue now is. Keeping my sec status and killrights in line enough to be able to fly in safe space without looking over my shoulder. I was so confident I rejoined the Caldari Malitia, and I am taking my cane back out to inflict some pain on the Gallente. I am thinking about purchasing the one on one time with you just so I can fly around with my mentor and blow shit up. You made this game fun again. Thank you, brother, and Semper Fi.


Hello Abbadon21.

Your Hurricane Pro Guide has shown me how to use the arty cane effectively, and how to get easy killmails. I stuggle to find fights suitable for the killing, but taking risks is my next step. I recently killed a Rupture reletively easily, i wouldnt have been able to do this if it weren't for the 'Hurricane Pro Guide'.

I hope you continue to produce helpful guides.

Yours Sincerely, semonekey Muutaras

http://ttb.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14312960 Rupture kill report


Sent: 2012.11.29 03:55
To: Abbadon21,

Hey there.... I've been watching you videos on you tube and I cant tell you how much you had help me already...... I really appreciate what you have done..... keep up with the great videos tho... Im still trying to get to learn PVP but I cant lose the fear of not been able to keep replacing my losses.. anyway thank you again xD


Ok, have to respond. First I have to say your guides have been extremely helpful for me. A friend wanted me to try EVE by showing me an old Pirate guide. After reading that I was hooked and jumped right in with both feet into PVP. Did ok but died allot, but learned allot. I then stumbled on this site and decided to try the Wolf guide. It has be the greatest single thing that really stepped up my game. Simply watching the video’s has pushed my game to the next level. I decided I wanted to start flying bigger ships so I jumped into the Cane and bought this guide. Again, just after a few videos I jumped into EVE and started getting kills. I subscribe to the same rule of thumb you do, kill everything, have fun and take big risks. I am having a blast and can honestly say your guides have made it that much better.


Managed to get your ISK Pro guide today will start going through it all and start making some notes after all I thought I'd learn from what I consider to be one of the best PvP'ers on EVE Online 🙂


Hey Buddy,

I've made 1.4 Billion so far but I didn't do my research carefully every turret I bought I sold for 2 to 4 times its value... Keep up the awesome work.


Hey Yes im getting the videos thank you very Valuable infomation, much appreciated !! keep up the good hard work in making these vids awesome


Hi Abbadon,
I'm a newbie, so I perhaps missed a big opportunity here. But still, thanks to your advice I bought up about 20 Wolf ships and made about 120,000,000 ISK over the last few days.

So thanks! That was great advice. I kind of wish I'd just jumped in both feet - but as far as getting my feet
wet for a start it was great.

Next time it'll be no holds barred 🙂



Thanks for this, I made 10m per Enyo.

Didn't have much to invest but it was easy isk.

Keep it up 🙂


I seriously don't know how you sit on a regular chair. To watch your structure fading like that and decide to turn back in to the fight implies some balls of daunting proportion. Nice work.


You rock, man! Thanks a ton! Buying the Wolf Guide right now as well. Thanks for a solid line of products. Keep up the good work!


Yeah bro I have watched all of your free vids your amazing thank you for the emails you have sent me they have really helped me improve my pvp


Great video...

I am 5-0 so far this weekend in my Wolf.  The best fight was when I took on a small gang of frigates.  My wolf versus a Merlin and three Rifters.  They used the Merlin as bait, then dropped the Rifters on top of me.  It was an awesome fight, and the Electus Matari guy was even asking for my fit in local.  Goes to show what having the proper ammo loaded will do, one was shooting me with emp, and the other two were plasma.  You know what the Em and Therm resists are, I would hit for 300+, they would hit me for like 12.  My other kill was a young pilot in a Thrasher.


Thanks for the quick response, great videos by the way, the hurricane set was my first purchase but I can already see myself watching your other vids. I find that you explain things in a way that I can easily relate too. Keep up the good work.


Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it. And your guide just helped me so much. Now I am owning thrashers in a Merlin 🙂


I would like to say that all your guides are fucking awesome and I have been improving a lot, even in my fleet battles 😛


Hell ya, thx and I have been linking your free videos in my corp's mail so they can learn form them!!  I few of our new members to corp and eve have all said that the videos like the overview setup and hud setup were very helpful to them and they enjoyed the d-scanner video cause it makes it easier to understand for them.  KEEP IT UP!!!


Hi Abbadon,

Hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but you seem like a genuine guy and thought you may like to get some feedback on your guides etc.

I purchased your Frigate guides a few weeks ago and slowly been studying your tactics and then probing my targets in the hopes for that pure buzz of a solo kill.

To give you a bit of background, I’ve been playing EvE for about 4 years and have 3 accounts . My “main” has been mostly in null-sec corps/alliances and all I’ve really done in terms of PvP is the usual small/med/large gang roams and the inevitable sov war bullshit of hitting sov structures for hours on end. For me this is not PvP!

I’ve always had decent HUD optimisation, and in fact created may tutorials and manuals for my corp. on the subject, it was really good to see your HUD and have some confirmation that I was giving the same advice.

I totally agree with you that solo kills are the pinnacle of EvE PvP and I’ve always wanted to learn the skills

to master this and get the thrill of another pilots pixels blowing up all by myself 🙂

There have been few things that have been my barrier to solo PvP:

1)      Alliance Kill board monitors: Those people that live EvE via KB stats and troll/grief anyone who is blowing up constantly and not allowed to “learn”

2)      Determining what ships to aggress based on the ship I’m flying.

3)      Growing a pair of balls to aggress!

With point one, my corp. is now in a new alliance in Faction War and does not care about KB stats, just getting ships into space and fighting is the main goal, which is WIN for me!

With point two, this is obviously an experience thing, but I’m trying to create a “cheat sheet” to assist me, even if it’s simply knowing what hull/class the ship is and if its T2 or not etc. Not sure if there is anything you can do to assist here, but your advice is always appreciated.

With point three, no one can make me grow a pair, but stacking the odds on my side will increase my manhood 😛 …. I actually gained the most inspiration from your can flipping videos seeing what your 900K character could do and thought “omfg, I have 64m SP why am I worried, stop being a girl and go kill something”.

So the last few weeks I’ve got my alt to build me a stack of Rifter's and T1 mods and basically lined them all up in my hangar with an aim to getting each of them blown up and learn something from each explosion/fight. As you have said before, getting a fight is hard work, I did get a couple of fights but lost point on them and they escaped (allowing the target to get out of range, or being neuted).

Last night I decided to step things up a notch. I used to fly Artillery Thrashers in null sec and had some fun with them but in gang fights, so thought I’d give them a try again. I entered low sec and within 5 mins of finding a plex I had a fight with a war target Hookbill. I heard your voice in my head “balls to the wall” and just locked and went for it. He went down quickly, too quickly I did not even have a point on him! ELATION! My first solo kill (I was actually dancing at this point and fist pumping the air!) I actually did it, my first real solo kill!

I did the customary “GF” in local and he did the same, plus a “I hate artillery” comment 🙂

The fight went pretty well from my point of view, the “PvP shakes” were OK and all I forgot to do was point him (glad he went down quick) and record the video!

I was on a high, I decided to go for a smoke and wait out my aggression timer in a friendly POS. I came back and low and behold he was back in the system in another Hookbill! Now, at this point (and I realised this after of course) I should have just taken my 50 million ISK kill mail and moved on, but you know what it’s like, I was on a HIGH! He taunted me in local and yes, I took the bait. He fit his Hookbill specifically to take me down 🙂

Here is the failure video: http://nix.so/68

Please feel free to comment on anything you see, or can suggest. I’ve had to cover up some parts of the video such as my intel channels etc, I’m sure you understand!

My thoughts on the video were:

1)      I should never have taken the bait!

2)      Once webbed I knew I was screwed

3)      It looks like he is omni tanked (shield and armor reps.)

4)      I still won, because his kill was 20m and mine was 50m 😛

I have to credit you with my win too as its your videos that have given me the confidence to go out and find fights and ignore the odds! As ever though and as I’m sure you know “The Gods of EvE PvP give with one hand and quickly take away with the other”.

Thanks gain for taking the time to read my story, hope to speak soon 🙂


Are you interested in taking on an apprentice?  As awesome as your videos are, there is still a lot of information to learn.




Hi I like your youtube guides and videos, there very smooth framerate and wondering which product you use to record onscreen and what screen resolution you use to get good FPS.

Regards Zero-101


Gotta say that I really like your videos on youtube man, i definitly learned a few things. Some time in the future ide like to pvp with you maybe get a 1v1 even though you would woop my ass haha. Keep it up with the awesome vids.


I used your "yoyo" tactic and got the scram!


just curious, are you the man behind this awesome site? http://www.eveproguides.com/welcome-to-the-eve-pro-



Once again your tactics have been proven to work , i forgot to take a video to , but heres the kill. Dram vs Dram 1v1.

Thank you Abbadon!


i have to thank you for your immense work.
I saw some videos on youtube and i am impressed how many fun stuff is on eve.
Now i have to make several changes on fitting and handling and let's see how it's work.
I wish you and your friend's always FLY SAFE

Best regards


saw your video scamming the scammers, great job m8 😉

tryed myself but epic fail ^^ they close trade windows ^^

When I'll have some cash I'm gonna buy your guide 😉 pvp and stuff, its just too nice 😉

fly safe


Finally got to try your advice against a cruiser in my interceptor. Was up against an arazu. Just kept my mwd up, and orbited at 2.5k, shot down all his warrior II's in short order quite easily. Unfortunately as i was starting on him his fleet jumped back in. I had him 90k off the gate but obviously I had to disengage considering he was at full hp. But thanks for the advice, taking out the drones was quite easy with that tactic. =)


i have seen all 3 of you free vidio tutorials and i loved them, i was wondering as i am a relativly new charector with very little isk if i could have 100m to start manipulating contracts. i know being rich and all you must get this alot but thanks for reading anyway.



Ive watched all your free videos and have made about 500m isk in jita these past free days with the tricks you showed. I am really thinking about buying your PVP guide but I am almost all Amarr ships and I don't ever really see you flying those much.

Have you thought about making guides teaching people how to properly use the different weapon types? I think that is one of the hardest things, I never know if I should be orbiting or keeping my distance or what.

Thanks man, fly safe o/


Just bought your guides since ive been very impressed with the free ones. Hope all goes well as im sure it will. thankyou for your effort and time ill be in touch with the results. wish me luck.


first time out one kill though he brought a corm out and my rifter barely get away and i grabed a thorax and boom anyway the hate mails are comeing quick that alone is worth the money i paid for your guides!!


Hey Man,

Thanks for the reports you wrote... have been having good success in Fountain. 🙂

Fly safe.


i am a recent paying subscriber to your site.  well done

Kill: Captain Dogofwar (Worm)
Kill: bufairys (Hulk)
Kill: CAPT0N77 (Purifier)

(good for me, been playing for a year)

all from what I've learned from you. 😛



I baught the eve pro guide and its really helped me alot, i almost killed a taranis in a taranis,  but he burned away and warped off . It has shown me what i can and cannot kill and how to pvp .

I think you are doing a very good job with the guides. It has really helped me with my pvp experience> 🙂


I love your vids and your isk guide is there any way to join your corp? Im newish to the game but i wanna get into the pvp scene but the corp im in now only runs certain ships and gives you no options.


I found your guides 🙂 LOVE YOU!!!!! If you look at my killboard its a joke but I'm looking forward to trying to change that in frigates and try and recreate those isolations 🙂


actually took my alt out for a spin using those tricks and managed to kill 5 guys by my onesies and had them all hiding in their pos afraid to engage me a 2nd time 🙁 poor bastards probably wanting to pwn rocks lol


Hi abbadon 🙂
Been a fan of your pro guides for quite some time now, all are very useful and informative.

thanks again for the wonderful guides.



hrm, never thought of using one of those, but ill defanately have to give it a try.
Thanks for the idea, and keep up the great work on the guides 🙂


Hi abbadon.. I have bought your Frigate Pro Pvp guide with the isk making guide. And just today i bought the new Hurricane pro pvp guide. I have watched alot of your free videos too. I gotta tell you they were all worth every penny. Thank you very much for doing therm.


Hi abbadon 🙂
I just wanted to send you a mail to let you know i used your advice (while mining an asteroid belt), and was keeping an eye on d-scanner using the 1.4 a.u. trick you showed in one of your videos. One scan i did i saw several ships nearing the belt i was working on, and aligned to a station in prep to jump away.

About 10 seconds later several ships arived in the belt and started to target me, but by now i was already starting to enter warp and managed to get away from them before they even had time to take a single shot 🙂

Thank you for that video, you save me yet another ship being ganked 🙂


Hello Abbadon21.

Your Hurricane Pro Guide has shown me how to use the arty cane effectively, and how to get easy killmails. I stuggle to find fights suitable for the killing, but taking risks is my next step. I recently killed a Rupture reletively easily, i wouldnt have been able to do this if it weren't for the 'Hurricane Pro Guide'.

I hope you continue to produce helpful guides.

Yours Sincerely, semonekey Muutaras

http://ttb.eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=14312960    Rupture kill report


your videos are truly awesome. you've taught my main more then you know 🙂


Just wanted to say ive watched your eve guides on youtube and your an amazing speaker and player! Hopefully you'll keep up the awesome work; its definately appreciated and helpful to many!.



check this out  Kill: PPTEST (Tornado)

i didnt fraps but you would have been proud, i combineed comments you made from to videos and went for the kill


i was on a gate and had a hawk aggressed and jumped thru on ther other side was clear but coming out of warp was a tengu and this nado, i remember you engaing a frig on a gate when there were 2 other ships present think it was an oracle and tengu, and you said that the missles will hit but not hit very well with the ab on and orbiting my target, so before i uncloaked i was like fuck it im either gonna die trying or gonna lose my oppertunity because the hawk is waiting its timer out on the other side, and neither ship has drones so i was happy with my odds, so i decloaked and went straight for it the nado aggressed right away didnt hit me at all and i went to work. the nado was going down pretty good pretty quick and nado was down and i was at 50% struture still taking hits from the tengu, burned off and warped off i left my drones behind, so i warped back at 100 to reconnect and the wreck was strill full so i got loot also lol. the tried probing me for 20 mins and i logged to let them settle, your vids pay off big time i was never into frig pvp but damn its fun and its easy to get out of situations that you dont want to be in, and i actually have mo0re fun because ecm isnt a factor really, thanks again sorry for my constant messages lol


And here I thought you were a figment of my imagination.  Never thought I'd be honored to actually see you in system.  Big fan and subscriber of your guides.  Best of luck.


bought your isk guide today after watching the three free videos. its like im relearning everything. nice job


I have recently learned that with my retribution I can easily drop cloaky sabre’s when I get the chance i’ll email you the kill mails and details for it is on my main account arguil mckay. Love your guides keep em up



Thank you very much! I made a 100% profit on these missiles over a few weeks. I would have completely missed the opportunity if it wasn’t for your ISK guide.


So i’ve been trying to get my head around solo PvP, istarted watching some youtube vids when i came accross your site. Needless to say i subscribed straight away. After watching all your material in the Hurricane section I went out looking for RED’s. In two days I gone from no kills to a myrmidon and a Thrasher kill. The Thrasher kill was awsome. I was Aligning from Heydiles gate to Old man star when a well known pirate entered the system. The gate flashed and I overheated my MWD. He uncloaked straight away and MWD to me. I overheated my Arty’s, targeted him and fired.

One shot 80% structure, he was not expecting THAT. Second shot blew his ship and he was so shocked he didnt leave immediately. I was so excited I didnt use that time to lock his pod, but never mind. So Thank you for this website, thank you for sharing your skills. Please continue to upload and teach. I hope to see you on a gate sometime 🙂 . It will be a true test for me.

Hokkee (Eve Name)



Used some of your tricks and stole your fit for my Rifter. Thanks! Wasn’t a true 1v many kill but I used similiar tactics to make sure any friends in the area couldn’t stop me!


Thanks man! Aight, so 40$ for the vids and actually instant feedback. I feel like my money was well spent!


I know this is sort of selfish, but I’m reluctant to recommend this guide to people because I don’t want them to know all these secrets. I still recommended it to my 2000 man corp though


Hey Abbadon21! Thanx for the market tip. I made around 1B ISK profit just on the Retriever deal. 😀 Cheers!


Love this guide. I am a young player, less than 5 million SP, this guide has taught me so much, and has gotten me so energized to go out and get some PVP!  (-about the Hurricane PRO Guide)


I tried takeing on a thrasher for my first real pvp fight i knew i should have but i did anyway. I used you range isolation on a gate to get him away from a cane that in itself was fun but what really supprised me was how close the battle was. I would have killed him but i didn’t get in range fast enough he was still 20k away when i warped back to him from about 160k by the time I had him to structure he had gotten a range gap on me. I almost lost my cool and the ship when i saw he was just barely in scram range i hit “keep at” moved about 1k away broke scram and was able to warp away safely with about 50% structure. I highly doubt I would have thought of this if i hadn’t seen you do it in the videos. It was a very fun fight I also thought it was a hard target not a DNE.


I would definitely be interested in a Merlin/Harpy set. Your guides again are incredible and I am learning alot


Thx. i just got my first evenly matched solo kill. a well fitted coercer. i didnt look at the cheat sheet too much so i didnt try to kite him but i got him orbiting him at 500 with barrage and all my stuff overheating. finally i can start building a name for myself


hey, first: thanks for the great vids, second: whats the name of the song? 😀
When I heard it, i liked u even more ^^


wow that is such a smart tip. I can’t beleive nobody thinks of that… I guess that is why you are the pro.


You’ve got some great information here on solo frigate PvP in Eve. I’m putting it to good use for those times when my buddies are no online.


So I went out to do some solo work last night for the first time since I got the Pro Frigate Guide. I did it all in a T2 fit merlin and applied the taranis brawling tactics to it. It actually turned out quite good. Ended up with a bunch of kills and only 1 loss You may notice that there are some kills against my own corp. That is because it is FFA weekend. We in RvB have themed weekends, and on FFA weekends we are allowed to shoot anybody that is not in fleet (including corp mates)

These are my kills

this actually was a solo kill. He was in an engagement earlier on so it shows the extra guys






again this one was solo but the guy was in a previous engagement




This is my loss. There is 2 guys on this mail because I just finished killing somebody else so he got on my loss mail as well.

Your guide is awesome man! It has more uses than just what you post it for. As you can see, I applied your tactics for one thing, to something else and it payed off big!


I’m a long time pvp player (though medium-large fleet pvp as logi/FC/booster). I was a bit skeptical to whether or not this product would improve my approach to solo pvp.

Fortunately, I got enlightened when I took down a raptor and crusader simultaneously; Lured them out 110km from their 40+ fleet, and what do you know, they go nailed and I survived and got some “lols” in local.


Cheers for the insights! 😉


I spent years in low sec fighting the good fight. After a while, I got paranoid. Too many losses of expensive ships. Too many gate camps. Too many blobs. The frig pro guide takes you back to the basics, and starts you down the path to winning again. If you want to buck the odds and win, especially in affordable ships, this is worth the money.


I signed up because you not only put together a great set of learning materials on Eve, but that you are keeping it up to date with regular postings of ideas, tactics and strategies! With a game that updates every 6 months, this is the only way that your material can keep up to date. Keep up the good work!


okay now i have try flipping and it work with a 1 dag old char.


my fitting
ship: Atron
2x light electorn blaster I
1x afterburner I
1x Warp scambler I


OMG we are SO going this next time out. Like all great ideas, seems obvious once you hear them. hahahaaha

P.S. I won’t just be looking for bubbles while dropping out of warp either….. thanks!


Great video, Went out and got a few good kills.
One guy came back 3 times before he realized he couldn’t kill me.



Absolutly the best video in your collection. For someone who really needs to see each step this was the best!

Multiple examples was great.
I now have a whole new part of the game to explore.
Would a wolf also be a good ship for this?


Real awesome vid mate! First I was a bit sceptic due to it being a ranis but without the ab and less ehp, but you really showed me why it is actually a severaly underestimated ship. Which was real fun I love when my prejudice is overproven! Keep up the good work!


Dude, you’re going to save me a ton of isk. I was one of the ‘wait until I’m in trouble’ people for overloading, time to take some risks! =)



Results from my claw . Forgot to record so no video


Great guides. Big fan so far.


hey abbadon, this is awsome! The raptor is the lazy mans inty lol!


Awesome 2 Videos so far, looking forward to seeing if you show us how you got the Raptor to work!

Cannot wait for March 1st. I got the ISK pro guide and I am wanting this next one too, cos what’s the point of having tons of ISK without being able to fight properly?


since watching your first video (a couple days ago) i have made 7 kills.

my whole fighting style has changed and im no longer afraid to tackle people in large groups with the isolation tactic or attack in a FFA situation.


Loved the video. By far the best visual and explained PVP guides i have seen to date and hope that there is more to come. Makes me excited to go back and try some more PVP using some tactic!


awesome stuff, abbadon21, that’s elite rite there


6 thoughts on “EVE PRO Guides Customer Reviews / Testimonials

  1. Good collection! People don’t always look to the right for info, though. I’d add a link to the “Categories” tab up top as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. Recently purchased the SFI guide, With some skepticism as their are alot off rubbish pvp guide’s/tutorials out there.

    This by far is the best we as Eve gamers will probably ever get. Abbadon21 not only illustrates everything perfectly through video and dialogue but also shows you everything you need to feel confident in any circumstance.

    Have been testing what I’ve learnt on Singularity (test server) as atm in game im always in High sec (slight carebare) the test server gave me quick and easy access to warp to a combat beacon, see a fleet off 10+ BS and 1 target I wanted to take on, A perfect opportunity to test the isolation technique.

    don’t hesitiate to purchase the guides as they will help prepare you for any problem/target.

    Thanks to Abbadon21 for all his hard work 🙂

  3. Hey. I wanted to say thanks to your guides I left the Indy corp I was leaving my pvp toon in to die, and joined a low sec pvp corp. Using a lot of the info I got here, I’ve been flying solo a lot lately and getting some great kills. I even got a Domi with my Brutix the other day. And your ‘tackle bouncing’ technique actually helped save my BC last night when an Imperial Navy Slicer started kitting me and pointing. I managed to shake his point almost exactly like you showed in the video and got my ship out just as all his friends were landing. Thanks again!

  4. Your videos are fantastic! They have taught me so much in a short amount of time. The Frigate PvP Pro guide is amazing. Bought a bunch of ships and started getting in fights. It’s amazing how committing to a fight instead of running helps. Still making many mistakes, but learning. Here’s some kills I got in the last few days of going out and looking for fights.


    The last two Stiletto’s were back to back. Killed the one and had the other closing too fast to warp. Said screw it, I’m going in, and took him out with me only getting to low armor in the Dual Prop Ranis. Keep up the good work!!!!

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