EVE Online Going F2P (Free To Play)??? Sort of…

EVE Online is officially going F2P in November! But only in a limited sense. You will be able to do everything in the game "some" but to advance into the later parts of the game, you will still have to pay or buy a PLEX (Pilot License Extension) in game.

For the past few years I've silently considered the Future of EVE Online. The players were aging and so was the game. It was still the best MMO but the future wasn't certain.

It was sure to last a few more years but 5 years? In 5 years I wasn't so sure EVE would exist at the current pace. And then I thought, how could it be saved?

I discussed this with a old in game friend who had quit EVE but that I still played Dota 2 with and we came up with a possible solution.

The answer we came up with was F2P (Free To Play).

F2P would attract large numbers of new players making the game better for both new and old players by adding conflict and content.

Dota 2, another F2P game attracts over 10 million unique players a month and while EVE is a far more time consuming game, it would still expect a giant surge.

It's not hard to imagine a Free to Play EVE with 100,000 or even 200,000 Players Online at peak.

What's more is that the EVE Universe is already too big for the amount of players, allowing for a population increase. This would naturally result in higher player concentrations throughout the universe and thus cause conflict and content.

Of course going 100% Free to Play would be too dangerous for CCP, who currently makes the majority of their Revenue from EVE Online Subscriptions. So they had to find a way to try the water first.

Yesterday CCP announced what I believe to be an ingenious way for them to ease themselves into the F2P arena without risking complete rune if it doesn't work.

It's a Smart Move by CCP and this video explains how they plan to do it and some predictions I have for how it will play out.

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