December: Big Neut and Nos Changes Plus Easy ISK

CCP has shifted away from it's short lived monthly release schedule back to the slower but much bigger Expansions. The result is that we have a lot of changes to rapidly adapt to and take advantage of.

My goal is to prepare you for those changes so you can make the most of them.

Since it directly affects my new Ninja Pilgrim Guide, I wanted to start with the Energy Neutralizer and Nosferatu changes.

At first looks they appear to be a nerf, but when you look deeper it's clear they are buff to Capacitor Warfare (referred to as cap warfare in the video which I only later noticed was confusing).

This change decreases your effectiveness at the edges of your current optimal in exchange for having reduced effects at much greater range.

I discuss all of this in the video below but here's the quick summery:

  1. This will have a large impact of Faction Warfare Tactics. Small T2 Neuts will be effective against other frigates at 7.5km and beyond. The Dragoon will be effective at 15km and beyond.
  2. The Pilgrim will be better because it can now kill a Frigates capacitor at 35km and beyond. With Deadspace Neuts it can push 40km in falloff and still cause trouble.
  3. You will see more Curse's both solo and especially in Fleets. The Curse will now easily be effective at 50km making it ideal for standoff and kiting fleets.
  4. Unstable and 5w,50w,500w, will be almost useless and crash in value.
  5. The new Deadspace Neuts (and Nos to some extent) will be worth a ton of ISK for the first few weeks. The Large Deadspace Neuts are just as good as current Officer Neuts that sell for between 2.5 Billion ISK and 10 Billion ISK. These will likely drop in combat sites where ever there are Blood Raider NPCs. That's Genesis and some others for low/high sec, then Querious, Delve, and Period Basis for Null.

Personally, I will be out in Period Basis with my Tengu running combat sites for the first week after the expansion. I'm still working a decent fit for Blood Raiders but I'm sure I'll find something.

My advice is that whether you run the sites in High Sec, Low Sec, or Null Sec, you should be farming these hard for a week or two. They will be selling for probably double their eventual price for the first week or two.

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