Crius Patch Notes and SFI PRO Guide Update

industryWe are just two days away from the Crius Expansion and sadly I am not at all excited about it. I've been following the Dev Blogs and discussions about the changes and unless you are heavy into Industry (building stuff), they aren't likely to excite you either.

Here are the Patch Notes:

I admit as a PVPer who makes his ISK in the easiest and most passive possible ways, Industry isn't appealing to me.

Hopefully the Industry folks will enjoy this patch. The chatter appears to be a little apprehensive about the effects this will have on Profits and Prices, but still most are excited to try it out.

Some interesting things I pulled out of the notes are that Capital Jump Drive and Jump Bridge fuel requirements are going by 50% while Isotope (fuel) size is going down to 0.1 m3. Unless I missed something, that would make jumping and bridging about 50% more expensive than before? Perhaps that's an attempt to curtail force projection?

While it may make Titan Bridging a 50 man fleet to kill an Enyo less attractive in cost terms, I think boredom will out weigh peoples financial concerns.

Another interesting part of this patch is Teams for Manufacturing and Research. These teams will give you some advantages and you will have to bid on them.

Here is a video about the changes...

I'm interested to hear what you think about Crius?

Also, I spent the day today making two new update videos for the SFI Pro Guide. One about the ScyFi (Scythe Fleet Issue) and another with the SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue). All current SFI PRO Guide customers get free updates and can log in to their accounts and view the videos whenever they choose.

If you would like to get the SFI Pro Guide and experience the fun of Cruiser PVP you can do so by clicking here.

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