Crime Watch – Kill Rights Guide

In this guide I will explain the new kill rights system and how it has changed, there are many new exciting changes in the kill rights system. I will explain the new changes as in depth as I can, so keep reading and hopefully I can make it easy to understand. Kill rights over all have not really changed, the way you get kill rights and the time limits on kill rights are still the same.

The only way a player will now get kill rights on you is if you destroy their ship in high security space and they were not a legal target to you or you destroy a players pod in low security space. Basically it has to be a criminal act, not just a suspect type act. The old kill rights system would allow a player that you had destroyed a ship or pod to have a legal right to attack you in any level of security.

The new kill rights system still allows the player that has kill rights on another player to legally attack them in any security level space. But there are many new features to what you can do with these kill rights, now you can share the kill rights around with other people. I know you are interested now and I am sure most of you have heard or read something regarding these changes.

I hope to make it all clearer in this article, basically you can now control your kill rights much more to benefit or just punish the pilot that you have kill rights on. You can make the kill rights available to all Eve players; you can sell the kill rights for an amount you think the kill rights may be worth. You can make the kill rights available to a specific player or corporation/alliance, the choice is yours.

There are new overview background colours and icons for the new kill rights system, these are disabled by default. This means if you want to see if a player has an active kill right on him, you will need to enable these items in your overview settings. Firstly you need to be in space, then select your overview settings and select Appearance. Now you can enable the orange crosshair icon for kill rights in the color tag section. Then select Background and activate the orange kill right background color. You will now see people who have kill rights available for you to activate in your overview without needing to select them, I also hope this means they will have an icon beside their name in local chat.

In the past the only way you could tell if you had kill rights was to actually open your character sheet and look in your kill rights tab and then memorize them all. Now as explained above there are new icons and background colours in the overview settings, this will make it much easier then before. But you must activate these icons etc, as they are disabled by default.

Let’s get started on the actual menus and the new way you can control your kill rights, there are some new options that you can select when looking at your kill rights. But let’s look at how you make it possible for you and others to attack the kill right party. If you have kill rights on another player it is very simple to make it possible for you and all other Eve players to be able to engage them. But here is one of the major downfalls to the way the kill rights are activated, after a lot of testing the only way I have found you can activate the kill right is if the player is in your overview.

You can then activate the kill right, in the image below you can see the selected player and the arrow pointing to the kill right icon in the top right corner.

Image 1

It is very important to note that with the old kill rights, you could just attack a player that you had kill rights on freely. This is no longer the case; you must activate the kill right before you can engage the player you have kill rights against. This is simple to do, but is very important you activate the kill right or you could end up with a Criminal or Suspect Timer if you engage the player without activating the kill right.

To activate the kill right select the player you have kill rights against in your overview, as shown in Image 1 above. Now click on the kill right icon shown in the top right corner of image 1 with the arrow pointing to it... This will show the activation options, the options are shown in image 2 below.

Image 2

In image 2 above you will see it has text and an Activate button, the text will show you additional information. This includes activation cost etc.; we will discuss the costs at a later stage. But right now if you clicked the Activate button, as shown in Image 2 above with the arrow pointing at it.

The kill right will be activated and the person you have kill rights on will receive a Suspect Timer. Yes that’s right a Suspect Timer, this means the person you have activated the kill rights on is a target for ALL Eve players. When you activate the kill right, the player that you are activating it on will here an audible alarm to tell them they have received a Suspect Timer.

Now let’s move on to the additional options you now have with kill rights, there are three new options for kill rights. So assuming you have some kill rights on a player, open your character sheet and then click on the Kill Rights tab. Now you will notice the new option button, as seen in image 3 below with the arrow pointing to the options button.

Image 3

You will also notice the three options in the above image; these will only appear after you press the options button. The three options are “Make Available to Everyone”, “Make Available to My Corporation” and “Make Available To”. Option one is self explanatory “Make Available to Everyone”, Option two “Make Available to My Corporation” is also self explanatory.

Now once you click the option you want to use, you will then get another window with additional options. This is shown in Image 4 which is below; this is where you can set the kill right activation cost. The amount you set in this window is the price other players will pay every time they activate the kill right.

Image 4

As you will see in Image 4 above I have selected to make the kill right available to everyone, below the “Everyone” text in the image above is where you enter the activation cost. Let’s say we entered 1 Million ISK as the activation cost, this means every time any player activates this kill right you will be paid 1 Million ISK. Now if a player activates the kill right and nobody kills the target in the 15 minute Suspect Timer, the kill right will still be available for people to activate again. This means you could be paid many times over for the same kill right, with this in mind you should make the price a fair one.

So once you enter the price for activating the kill right click on the “Make Available Button” shown in Image 4 above with the arrow pointing to the Make Available Button. Now once you have activated a kill right with the option you want, you can change your mind and cancel it at any time. Simply open your character sheet and go to the Kill Rights tab and find the player in the list of active kill rights. Now press the option button on the kill right you want to change, shown in Image 5 below. When you click the option button you will get a new option to select, as shown in Image 5 below. As you can see the only option is Make Unavailable.

Image 5


Once you click on “Make Unavailable” you will be presented a question box. as shown in Image 6 below. Simply choose “Yes” or “No” in the question box to finalize your choice to make the kill right unavailable. You can then select new options for the kill right you just made unavailable.

Image 6

Now for the “Make Available To” option, this option allows you to select a specific entity to access the kill right. When you select the Make Available To option you will be presented with a new window, as shown in Image 7 below. This window allows you to search for Players, Corporations and Alliances, this will be who you want to have access to the kill right.

Image 7

As shown in the image above, simply type into the Search for player, corporation box the name of the player, corporation or alliance you want to allow access to this kill right. Then press your enter key, if there is only one entity with the name you have typed it will be automatically added. If there is more then one entity with a similar name to what you entered you will get a new window.

In the new window simply go through the selections and locate the entity you want to give access to and select them. Now as shown in Image 8 below this is what your window will look like with an entity selected and a value entered into the activation cost box. Once you have entered all the details simply click on the Make Available button.

Image 8

You can easily tell who kill rights are available to, simply open your Character Sheet and click on the Kill Rights tab. The kill rights will show you the name of the player, how long is remaining on the kill right and then below the name will show who the kill right is available to. If you have not made the kill right available, there will be nothing below the characters name.

Now even if you make the kill right only available to you and one other player this only stops other players activating the kill right. This would mean only you and the player you made the kill right available to could activate the kill right. However as soon as you or the other player activate the kill right, this will make the player that you activated the kill right on a suspect.

This means the player will be a valid target for everyone, not just the person who activated the kill right. Also you may want to be careful making the kill right available to everyone, if you do and it is free to activate the person you have the kill rights on may use an alt to activate the kill right. Then when the kill right is active he will kill the player with his alt and his player will be in a noob ship or shuttle, this would make for a disappointing result for you.

Another important note for people attacking the person who has had the kill right activated on his character. The person will be a suspect and can be engaged by all Eve players, but unless he is in null security or low security he cannot attack anyone without getting additional timers. But as soon as you engage him he can attack you back.

This is because you get the Limited Engagement Timer, as soon as you engage him, read the Crime Watch – Timers Guide to learn more about how the new timers work. Basically make sure you understand all the new timers before you go suspect hunting. I hope this guide helps people understand the new kill rights better.