Core Skills: Combat Probing After Odyssey

The new Odyssey expansion included some very serious changes to Combat Probing in EVE Online. The effect was that Probing became far easier and faster. With the new "Formations" you can quickly set all your probes into an ideal formation for finding targets. Plus, you can now drop ALL of your probes a one time, rather than launching them one at a time like in the past.

Personally, I don't probe unless it's absolutely necessary, so I'm no PRO at it. However this video will give you the basic idea so that you can Probe people quickly.

If I did want to take this to the maximum I would focus on boosting scan strength to the max with a Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher, Sisters Combat Probes, a Covert Ops ship with Gravity rigs, etc. Doing that will allow you to get most ships with one 4 AU scan like you see in this video.

Watch Full Screen in HD for Best Results

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