Cap Dead Warping – How to Approach Dangerous Gates

There are some basic rules to surviving null sec. One very important one is to NEVER warp gate to gate in a system with non-friendly players in local.

Typically this is done by bouncing off of a celestial like a planet, belt, or customs office. However there are systems in the game where even bouncing is next to impossible and easily camped with just one or two more small bubbles.

This video takes place in just such a system. The system is over 100 AU across and all of the celestials are very easily camped with a total of 3 small bubbles. This effectively makes warping gate to gate in this system virtually impossible if you don't have a Tactical Safe Spot on the out gate.

The solution is a very rarely used but important tool that every pilot should have in their EVE tool box of skills. It's called Cap Dead Warping and the name describes exactly what it is.

The basic mechanic is that if you don't have enough capacitor to complete a warp, you will only do a partial warp and cover some fraction of the distance. How much capacitor you have combined with the ship you are in and your Warp Drive Operation skill are the determining factors.

To make this work you must purposefully kill your capacitor which can be done two ways. First you can run your modules, reps, mwd, etc until your capacitor drops to the desired level. Then the Second way, which is better in most cases, is to just use your warp drive to kill the capacitor by warping to a distant object and then canceling your warp before you align.

At the start of each warp the capacitor needed is subtracted from your capacitor before you are fully aligned, so it is possible to just repeat the cycle of starting and canceling warps until your cap is dead.

Once your capacitor is dead, the real fine tuning begins by selecting how many bars (or units) of cap you start the warp with to travel the desired distance. This like most things just takes some practice to get the hang of, but in general when you are trying to stay alive it's best to under do it.

In this video you will see me demonstrating the technique and also relearning it my self since it is something that I haven't used in a very long time.

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