Black Ops Drop and MJD Tackle of Orthrus – Video

I'm a big fan of Black Ops for Bridging and Dropping targets. For Small Gang PVP alliances it can give you a lot of new options and ways to to gain edges in fights.

Yes, I know it's Force Projection, but in my opinion (and CCP's) it' s a positive type of Force Projection.

An example of this is what we did last night...

A small group of about 3 or 4 pilots had a gang a few jumps from our home system. Unfortunately their ships (Orthrus, Cerberous, and Falcon) were all very stand offish, making a hard counter for the five people we had.

In response we tried to get a web and scram with a covert cyno alt.  This didn't work out due to the very long point range of the Orthrus.

So after a failed web attempt we decided to just drop in and see what could be done. At first it seemed hopeless, but then both TJ and I saw the same opportunity at the same time and this happened:

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