Big Advantages and Big Short Cuts

shortcutPicIn EVE Online you start out with almost nothing. A rookie ship, a pathetic amount of ISK, and a Noob Tutorial to help you learn the ropes.

If you're really dedicated you make it through your Trial and pay for your first month of the game.

In your first month you learn the very basics of combat from missions, and perhaps get convinced mining is ever a good idea. You make a little ISK, you upgrade your ships and modules, and you slowly accumulate skill points.

All of the "unlocks" like new ships, new modules, and new space offer the excitement that keeps you progressing and paying month after month.

Then one day you get ganked in your hulk or while ratting in low or null sec. You lose the ship you have worked weeks or even months to acquire, and you curse the existence of those horrible pirates.

You briefly consider quitting and going to play another game, but you're not the average gamer, and you like a challenge so you don't. Instead you jump back in and start mining or missioning or running incursions or whatever else to rebuild your spaceship better than ever.

In the back of your mind you still hold on to a grudge against those evil griefing pirates and plan to get your revenge. This time you will be ready for them, you will have a better fit, or perhaps a corp mate in a ECM ship ready to help you.

Then the day comes to face the gankers again and despite your best effort you die and you're left with no ISK again!

Evidently they used a Game Mechanic you didn't know about and tricked you into losing your ship.

You report them to CCP in a petition because you didn't expect them to Cyno/Falcon/Logi/Kite/etc. But CCP tells you their logs show nothing and it's all part of the game and they can't help you.

This cycle of painful learning experiences repeats it's self over and over until one day (months or years later) you figure out why it's happening and you start to slowly gain the edge and win fights and make more ISK than you can spend.

Big Advantages

What if instead of waiting over a year to really get the edge in EVE, you were able to do it in less than a month?

What if you could make billions of ISK every month for only a few hours a week and outsourcing most the work to other players? (The seconds method of the ISK Pro Guide)

How about making up to 3 billion a month for 15 minutes a night? Simply log on, collect your ISK, log out. (The first and most recent method of the ISK Pro Guide)

Or maybe you really want to make crazy ISK and you're willing to dedicate most of your playing time to it? In that case the new method I'm developing will allow a low SP character (less than 2 million SP) to make 5-10 billion ISK a month once they get things running.

How would having this ISK effect your PVP?

Would losing that Drake or Tengu be as painful if you had several billion ISK in your wallet?

If this sounds good to you then you need to get the ISK Pro Guide right now and see how easy ISK making can be.

Big Short Cuts

So now you have ISK but you can't seem to win a PVP fight no matter what you try. Sure you are able to kill a noob every once in a while but you still get ganked all the time and have a terrible kill to death ratio.

You could continue learning by trial and error (like I did for 2+ years before I "got it") or you can take a HUGE Short Cut and bypass all the painful learning experiences. Learn the Tactics and Fittings that the best PVPers in the game use to get an unfair advantage and take on incredible odds.

Would you enjoy the game more if you were able to reliably get steady kills and humiliate the gankers and pirates?

Of course you would! The thrill of intense fights (and the shakes that come with them when you first start) are what makes EVE the best MMO for those select few who make it to this point.

Your Tactics, Skill, and Intelligence against your opponents with something of real value on the line... Your Ship (and maybe pod)

The real question is...

Are you willing to wait 1, 2, or even 3 years before you reach that level?

Or do you want a Short Cut that allows you to get your first kill THIS WEEK and will improve your flying TODAY?

If so, you need to learn PVP the only way it truly can be learned other than trial and error. You need to learn with Video from EVE Online's most well known and best selling PVP Guides.

If you are just starting out with PVP I suggest The Frigate PRO Guide. Which will get you up and running today and very likely get you your first kill today also.

If you are a Good PVPer already I suggest The SFI Pro Guide to push your self. This guide will take you outside your comfort zone and show you how exciting PVP can get.

And of course all Guides come with a 60 day Guarantee that makes a refund as simple as sending me an email with "refund" in the subject line.

The reason I offer these no questions asked refunds is because people love these guides so much, almost no one ever asks for a refund (they would miss out on all the free updates).

In fact, the average for most businesses is a 10% refund rate, and my guides have somewhere around a 0.5% refund rate, which is pretty much impossible by most businesses standards.

But Don't take my word for it...

Here are just a few of my most recent customer EVE Mails and Reviews:

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Off Site Reviews:

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You have been added as contact
From: Z**** *****
Sent: 2014.07.23 04:02

Z**** ***** has added you as contact with Excellent Standing

Recent customer of your ISK PRO Guide....lovin every minute of it!


Love the vids
From: F*****
Sent: 2014.06.20 09:33
To: Abbadon21,

I bought the frigate pvp guide, and I gotta say it was worth it. Kill: Xenovenom (Crusader) I haven't got many kill yet but this is the one I'm most proud of


From: ********
Sent: 2014.05.14 18:04
To: Abbadon21,

I have watched your videos on youtube and want to thank you for the great advice - I started to try to do what you said and it took a month or so to get use to, Now Im only soloing in frigs and my I am today a much better pilot due to you

I have learned more about PVP in your vids than any roam gang FC in 6 years (put together)

At the moment im 35 solo kills for the loss of 1

Thank you very much for helping me and contributing to the Eve larger community



First PVP Engagement
From: T******
Sent: 2014.03.13 19:23
To: Abbadon21,


Bought your PVP pro Frigate guide. First Time out with this brand new character, not even trained up in all the skills to get the tech 2 mods expecting to die and i took down a catalys. Have a recording of the fight from start at station roaming in low sec to final blow if you want it for your channel... Would love some feedback as well. just let me know where to send you the download link



SFI Pro Guide
From: M**********
Sent: 2013.09.10 03:08
To: Abbadon21,

Hey Brother!

Picked up your SFI guide a bit ago and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed passing out to the sounds of your sultry sweet voice as you narrate your fights in a blissful drunken and stoned stupor.

That being said...I'd like to share some solo kills!

Most of the frigs are on grid seperation and usually on top of small gangs of 5-15...pulling them out and blah blah blah

These were the result of a 400 jump solo roam....

Kill: Zilean Ozran (Mackinaw)
Kill: Pani Kopacz (Mackinaw)
Kill: Walther Heisenberg (Atron)
Kill: Walther Heisenberg (Capsule)
Kill: augie bendoggy (Enyo)
Kill: L0SER18q (Sabre)
Kill: Harry09 (Crow)
Kill: Isola Nuuk (Rifter)
Kill: Valora Nuuks (Rifter)
Kill: Isola Nuuk (Capsule)
Kill: Valora Nuuks (Capsule)
Kill: Moya Aideron (Thrasher)
Kill: Ivan Aleshin (Ibis)
Kill: Ivanna Mandelay (Velator)
Kill: Ivanna Mandelay (Capsule)
Kill: Nia Frisby (Manticore)

But it was this one that happened today that I thought you may enjoy...

Kill: Dark Ducki (Hurricane)

Caught him on a gate a couple of jumps out of -A- staging system. The fight lasted quite some time...possibly 3 minutes...It ended with me in 19% structure! I wish I had Fraps.

Anyways all the fluff aside thanks for the guide and a good product...I'd like to see some vagabond stuff as its RAPING people now.



Fly Baked


I feel the need to drop you a praising comment.
No more than 3 months ago i wouldnt step foot in danger zones due to fear of loss i was considering dropping eve all together , Now im happily roaming nullsec without a care in the world and the info on catching cloakies with jettison cans in bubbles is fantastic, anyone thinking of purchasing one of these guides do so you wont find anything better believe me ive bought a few lol.


Awesome guide 🙂
From: Kit*****
Sent: 2013.09.07 15:22
To: Abbadon21,

Hey o/
Just bought pro isk guide from you, it's extremely helpful, i love it 😀

Thank you so much spacebro *fist bump*


From: Khoaimon
Sent: 2013.06.17 04:06
To: Abbadon21,

Mr. Abbadon,

I'd like to share some success with you due to your guides. What you have produced are possibly the best guides to any game I've ever seen. This is a little long but I think you deserve more than, 'thanks your guide helped.' If you want to use this as a testimonial feel free.

I took a long absense from EVE after carebearing and returned to a char with about 20mil sp and decided I wanted to pvp after watching some of your videos.

I have all of your guides now and have been eagerly watching them. I started pvping (dying repeatedly in frigs) but **Censored ISK Guide Content** from your guide to ensure I would be able to continue pvping.

My **Censored ISK Guide Content** has produced about 750mil profit in the last week and stands to be around 1.5b profit on my 1.5b investment. So kudos for sure.

With some cash flowing I decided to up the ante. My carebear mission ship was previously the Hurricane and I was soloing L4s in it before the nerfs. Rather than die before I could even grasp what was happening in a frig I decided I would learn more if I could live more than 10 seconds. I was pure arty back then so I have been using your arty cane until I get ECM drones and autocannons trained. Not having one escape really makes me vulnerable.

The success: My first kill was Kill: Mehira Am'kul (Omen Navy Issue) while I was in 20% structure after they tried to jump me. But my second kill is where your guides really shined and a story worth telling.

The day before the kill a corp chased me in a dead end low sec for 30 min with 2 cynabals, a Tengu, and Proteus. After noticing they were all in DNE ships I noticed they were all together and decided to waste their time until they got bored warping all over the place.

Eventually, they left but being a dead end system they decided to gate camp me instead of chasing. I made it back to get gate (thanks to you!) just as I hit armor and eventually they got bored and let me go.

The next day I noticed the same group of people spread out among a couple systems and decided to get out and pick up some ammo before they could corner me. When I returned I found an empty zone on the way and decided to kill some rats hoping for a trader clone tag. One of them appeared on local and then vanished.

To bring the tension down I decided to hope through the gate to make sure he switched zones instead of cloaking and landed on top of their Proteus after going through.

I sat for a moment to see what would happen (again thanks to you) and sure enough a cynabal and tengu landed before my cloak went off. I turned everything on and burned to the gate, but they were ready and the Cyna and Tengu hopped through before me!

At this point I hadn't died in days, I knew these guys had hundreds-thousands of kills, and outgunned me like crazy. Before I hit the gate targetting locked on the Proteus and he was taking gate guns with shields already 1/3 gone.

I mistakenly thought I would be able to jump if I attacked him when he had first aggro and opened fire. "You are not permitted to use this gate at this time." I'm not sure if I'm interpreting the mechanic wrong, or if I was over agressive and took the first shot and locked myself there, but I had already committed to death even hanging around with this corp (again my only escape mwd and 1 nuet with no ECM drones yet).

A second Cynabal landed, the previous one came back and so did the tengu. But the Proteus was in armor. My shield and mwd were heated to try to get outa range but I forgot my guns! I gave them some heat and POP. Kill: Dante Darkstar (Proteus). I switched to one of them and got him to armor before I burst into flames. Kill: Khoaimon (Hurricane). Thanks to you I won and they will think twice next time. While I died 100mil lost to a 650mil kill is a big win in my opinion.

So again, thank you for your excellent guides and for reducing the learning curve of Eve exponentially.


About the author

In 2010 Abbadon21 was the first person to create Narrated Instructional PVP videos for EVE Online. This started a new era of EVE Online and opened up high level "PRO" PVP to everyone. Abbadon21 is also the Founder of, which is EVE Online's oldest and most trusted source for high quality PRO Guides.