Learn Solo PVP Fast With The Noob PVP Challenge

Whenever someone sends me an eve mail asking where to start when wanting to learn Solo PVP, I always link them The Noob PVP Challenge.

Prior to writing the article I would just explain the challenge to them... Get 10 Fully Fit Ships and lose them all in less than a week taking every fight you can get.

No Fear of Loss, No pressure to win, just a simple task of "Get out there and SHOOT SOMETHING!"

What seems so simple is actually backed by a lot of revelations I've had over the years both learning and teaching Solo PVP.
  1. The Rush you get when Solo PVPing can feel great but too much gives you tunnel vision and the shakes. Repetition and less fear of loss calms the rush.
  2. Risk Aversion is a new Solo PVPers worst enemy because it results in you taking less fights and not pushing your self.
  3. Repetition builds reactions, instincts, and expands situational awareness.
  4. Pride and the sting of losing can make Solo PVP too painful for some pilots. It's imperative that you stop putting so much importance on losing.
  5. It's helpful for pilots to understand "why" some fights are inherently bad and undesirable.

These are all things that can be improved in just one week by The Noob PVP Challenge.

I would usually just post this as an Article, however I have had a huge surge of YouTube Subscribers over the last few weeks.  Many may not have explored the Gold Mine that is this website. So what better way to show it them, than in a video?

The video explains things in more detail but if you've read this, I would suggest you skip the video and go start your challenge right now. Trust me, it will make a massive difference.

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