The Art of Poor Part III by John Drees – November Video of the Month

John Drees, the creator of the very famous "This is Really EVE" Video has long been one of my favorite video makers in EVE Online. He does great work and his narration is among the best in New Eden.

Those things alone are enough for me to recommend his channel, but his video "The Art of Poor Part III" is truly outstanding. It's up there with Rooks and Kings Videos in the quality of story telling and video editing.

His video made me want to try the Wolf again and as a result I got this kill:

Wolf Kill

Worth 1.6 Billion ISK on Zkillboard and dropped over 800 Million ISK in loot.

As a result I will updating my Wolf PRO Guide with a new Fitting and new PVP Videos in the next few weeks.

I highly suggest everyone watch this video, then go Subscribe to John Drees on Youtube to support his future videos:

Watch Full Screen

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