Announcing The Shield Boosting Guide

Voyager_shieldFor awhile now I have been getting requests to do a Heavy Tanking Shield Boosting Guide. Many asked for more stuff about using ASBs (Ancillary Shield Boosters) and others just wanted to learn PVP in larger ships.

My answer to that is the Shield Boosting Guide, which I have been working on for a long time now. Being a bit of a perfectionist, I kept adding to it and wanting more and more footage until now when I feel like it is an awesome guide.

The new Shield Boosting Guide will be released on Sunday August 24th at 20:00 EVE Time (That’s 4 pm USA Eastern Time).

Here is a quick teaser for the new guide:

Watch 1080p Full Screen

So just whats in the Shield Boosting Guide?

First of all, it has quite a few different ships and setups. There's a Brawling Vaga and Kiting Vaga. There's two (so far) Cyclone Fits, Three Moa Fits, and a Triple ASB Drake Fit (crazy, but it works). Plus I plan on adding quite a few more and even some Battleship fits and footage soon.

Then there is the Fitting Video Discussion where I teach you about the fits, why it's fit that way, and how to make the most of each ship. Followed by a discussion about Implants, Drugs, and Warfare Links (not required but there if you decide to use them).

Next, there is a Tactics Lecture where I teach you the general tactics and operation of Shield Boosting Ships. Things like how to get the most out of your Tank and how to disengage and get away when things go bad.

Finally, there are HOURS of real life PVP Footage where you watch me fly all of the ships and tell you exactly what's happening as I go. This is the fastest and easiest way to learn PVP.

The Shield Boosting Guide will be released at 20:00 EVE Time on Sunday August 24th.

...and as always there will be a very special First Day Bonus!

Of the people who buy within 24 hours of release I will be drawing three people.

The First winner will get EVERY GUIDE FREE. That's right, you will get every PVP and ISK Guide on EVE Pro Guides for FREE.

The Second winner will a free 1 on 1 roam with me in the ship types or fleet of their choice.

Finally, the third person will get me as their Corp or Alliance FC for an Epic Interceptor Roam through Null Sec.

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