Announcing The Hull Brutix Guide

For a long time now I have been talking about the Hull Tanked Brutix and my plans to do a guide. Well life happened as it always seems to, and after a month of Hospital and Rehab (not me, but family and they are doing well now) I am back to work full force.

The original plan was to do a "Express Guide" or some type of shortened guide to speed up production. That didn't completely work, and I over did it again. So basically it's almost the size of a full guide.

Still I said I would sell it for less than $10, so I will keep my word and sell it for $9.99.

EVERYTHING Bundle Buyers:

I've always believed that the best way to operate a business is to make your current and past customers your top priority. Nothing upsets me more than seeing a company give discounts and perks to attract new customers while completely neglecting the people that are already customers. So to be fair to people who purchased the EVERYTHING Bundle I am doing two things...

  1. If you purchased the EVERYTHING Bundle in the past 30 days (before Launch) you will get free access to the new Guide.
  2. If you purchased before that, you will get 50% off. ($4.99)

After I release this guide I will likely raise the Bundles price to $105 to account for the new product addition.

So why make a guide about the Hull Brutix?

The answer to that question is mostly due to the several changes in EVE over the past few years. First, they added MJDs (Micro Jump Drives) and second, they added modules and rigs for Structure Tanking.

Gallente has always been king of Hull Tanking due to larger natural Hull Hit Points so the Brutix was the natural choice to exploit these changes.

Hull tanking isn't limited to the Brutix, the Thorax, Taranis, Vexor, and even the Domi and Mega can do it too. But the Brutix is the optimum in Cost to Power.

For 30-40 Million ISK after Platinum Insurance you get a ship with about 700 DPS output and 80k EHP (100k for the 2nd Fit).

That's about half what you pay for T3 Destroyer right now and this thing will crush most T3 Destroyers.

Over the years I have come to see PVP in EVE as a sort of Eco System like you would find on the African Savanna. There are prey, mid level predators, and apex predators.

Very small changes to these Eco Systems have a very big impact and the introduction of the T3 Destroyers was a serious disruption to the EVE PVP Eco System.

These new ships have made a lot of older tactics and ships more difficult. For example, a Kiting Cane can't kite if a Svipul traveling at 4,000m/s with 20k EHP is on field.

These changes demand new tactics and the Brutix is my first answer to that challenge.

A ship that stays alive long enough to give you the time you need and that's powerful enough to melt everything within 10km quickly. Not to mention a ship with a fantastic escape mechanism in the MJD.

But that doesn't mean this ship doesn't die. It's exactly the opposite, you will die a lot and that's OK because you will almost always kill more ISK than you lose!

What I love about the Hull Brutix is that it's dirt cheap. 30-40 Million ISK after Insurance so you can throw caution to the wind and just go! No Scouts or Links Required! Just pick a destination and start moving. Chances are you will come across a small camp of T3 Destroyers with mixed Sabre + Frig support and have an Amazing fight.

Hopefully you win, but it you don't, who cares? You can buy another one and do it again.

In my opinion the Pilgrim is still the best solo PVP ship in the game for how capable and survivable it is. But the most fun ship right now is the Hull Brutix!

Check out this Preview Video to see the types of fights you can expect with the Hull Brutix:

Watch Full Screen

Release Date:

The new Hull Brutix Guide will be released on Sunday March 13th at 20:00 EVE Time (That’s 3 pm USA Eastern Time).

As always I will have a first day bonus for everyone who orders in the first 24 hours.

Everyone who orders the first day will be sent a link (via email) to a preview for what is possibly my next Guide with the fitting and a few PVP videos within the next week.

PLUS I will draw one person from the first day to receive the EVERYTHING BUNDLE.

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