How To Almost Guarantee A Fair 1 vs 1 Fight

In EVE the 1 vs 1 Fight was once sacred, something that was never dishonored for any reason. My old alliance was so serious about this that we actually kicked someone out for dishonoring a 1 vs 1 fight against a pilot from our arch enemy. Even against our worst enemies, dishonor was not acceptable.

Today the idea of "Space Honor" or EVE Bushido as some would say is given less weight. The idea of honoring a ransom in today's EVE is almost laughable to most, but thankfully there are some ways you can almost guarantee a fair 1 VS 1 Fight.

There are still a few ways to dishonor the fight, however if you follow the steps I give you, it will be very difficult and will give you better odds of surviving should your opponent show him self to dishonorable.

The Steps To Almost Guarantee A Fair 1 vs 1 Fight:

  1. If you are in hostile space or neutral space, invite your opponent to your fleet. If your opponent is in your alliance/corp home system, then ask him to invite you to fleet for the 1vs1. Should he be in a fleet already, let him know in local.
  2. Move to an empty system if possible. The fewer pilots in local the better.
  3. The Fleet Boss should warp to a safe spot (not a warpable like the Sun) and then tell his opponent to warp to him. Be aware that your opponent can warp to you at any range he wants.
  4. Watch for signs of dishonor, like Combat Probes on scan, a Local Spike, or your opponent leaving fleet. Most likely you will see this in time to warp away.

Finally... NEVER Accept a 1 vs 1 Fight on a Station Undock! You will lose and almost every time your opponent will undock neutral logistics to rep himself.

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