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When I first made this guide many years ago it was my favorite due the WOLF being capable of so much. It was the king of the Assault Frigates that was at home in both Low and Null Sec. But then EVE Online Changed...

First they added the Tactical Destroyers (Svipuls, Confessors, Jackdaws, Hecates), and then came the Command Destroyers to make things even worse.

The result was that Assault Frigates were obsolete. There just wasn't any reason to fly an Assault Frigate when you could spend a tiny bit more and get a Svipul that was light years better (especially before the nerfs).

So naturally, people stopped flying the Assault Frigates like the Wolf and EVE was flooded with Svipuls and other T3 Destroyers.

To make matters worse CCP gave HICs (Heavy Interdictors) Scramming Focused Points that could scram beyond 37km!

This made the MWD Wolf completely useless outside of a few situations.

As time went on I lost hope more and more waiting for CCP to rebalance the Assault Frigates.

They said it was a priority, but never did it, so one day I decided to try again and see if there was any possible way to make the WOLF the beast it once was.

The only chance I had at this was with a Afterburner due the amount of HICs in the game. I tried a 10mn Afterburner but it just didn't work and it robbed the ship of it's great agility.

So eventually I settled for a expensive deadspace Afterburner that pushed the ship along at just over 1km/s. (The Fully Fit Ship is about 60-70 million ISK right now)

I wasn't sure if that would be enough to make the ship survivable but it was worth a test.

What I found was SHOCKING!

Nothing could kill me. Not Drone Bonused Vexors or Arbitrators, Not T3 Destroyers, Not instalock HIC camps, NOTHING!

Sure I had plenty of fights where I was forced to disengage and run away but the WOLF always survived and tanked better than I anticipated.

Finally, as you see at the beginning of the above video Providence fleeted up and blobbed me, but even then, I ALMOST escaped!

This was after I snagged a 1.6 Billion ISK Hauler kill that dropped over 800 Million ISK in Loot... Although sadly I was only able to get 80 mil of it.

Or after I wrecked ship after ship in the new Double Bubble camps that I learned from John Drees (check out his YouTube Channel).

That one ship lasted me over a month and paid for it's self 5+ times over in loot making it a rare exception to the "Solo PVP isn't profitable" belief.

Finally, the reason I think this ship is so good is because people underestimate it. The best fun I've ever had in EVE is when I found a ship people incorrectly believed was junk.

When this happens, it's much easier to get fights because everyone thinks they can beat you. Not to mention the fact that the WOLF is literally BUILT to kill Amarr ships. It's resist profile makes it a Confessor Killing Machine. (and a great choice for Providence SOLO PVP)

Get the Updated 2017 Wolf PRO Guide now

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