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"Watch This Eye Opening Presentation And Discover The Secrets Getting and Winning EPIC Fights"



The Frigate PRO PVP Guides will teach you everything you need to know to go out and start getting kills today! No matter how long you've been playing, or how little experience you have with PVP.

WARNING: This is NOT one of those horrible little PDF Ebooks about PVP.


You need Video to learn PVP. You need to see every action and reaction. When to do what and why you do it. Take this plus a PRO teacher and you can get Results FAST!

The PVP PRO Guide was created by Abbadon21, a well known Elite Level Pilot who has helped thousands of EVE players through his articles, videos, and guides.

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Let's go over what you're going to get again:


-Low Sec PVP Video Guides-

(Over 34 Minutes of Video)

  • How to find fights in low sec
  • Ship fittings that give you the advantage
  • Advanced Tactics that allow you to take on larger ships and win, even when outnumbered (including a video of me in a Rifter vs 2 Hurricanes and winning)
  • A Narrated Fights Video where you see me fighting in low sec and telling you EXACTLY how I am doing it


-Can Flipping Video and Audio Guides-

(Over 1.5 hours of Video PLUS 17 Minute Podcast)

  • Watch as I take a character with less than 1 million Skill Points and drop Cruisers, Battlecruisers, and even Ransom an Orca for lots of easy ISK!
  • Learn the ship fittings that work best for high sec can flipping
  • Discover the secrets to finding ideal targets
  • Learn why Can Flipping can be tons of fun and how just about any one no matter how experienced can do it


-Null Sec Solo Bubbling Video Guide-

(Over 14 minutes of Video)

  • This is the easiest first step into Null Sec PVP
  • You will learn how you can use a bubble to force only the fights you can win
  • These tactics deliver a very easy and steady stream of kill mails that will give confidence in Null Sec and as an added bonus get you some extra ISK in the process


-The Target Isolation 101 Video-

(Over 23 Minutes of Video)

  • If I have learned anything about fighting when massively out numbered, it's that Target Isolation is CRUCIAL. The better you are at isolating your targets, the more kills you will get
  • In this video you will learn the most powerful tactics you can use to force your opponent into making mistakes that give you the opportunity to get kills even when outnumbered 50 to 1!


-Anti-Inty Interceptor PVP Video and Text Guides-

(Over 2 Hours of Video)

  • Welcome to possibly the most enjoyable form of PVP in EVE Onine!
  • In these guides you will learn exactly how I fly in the "Anti-Inty" style and get epic fights that are so insanely intense you may never want to try any other form of PVP
  • First, you start with a "Cheat Sheet" this is a text based outline of the exact fittings and tactics you should use for each type of fight you encounter. No more guessing, print this out and know exactly what you need to do to win with just a glance
  • Next there are videos for the Taranis, Raptor, and Claw. All of which teach tactics and strategies individual to the ships and that apply to all PVP
  • You will see me facing the same situations you will face, learn how to respond, how to isolate, and how to win in the face of impossible odds
  • This stuff is so powerful that the first day I released these guides, I had a flood of kill mails and videos from customers bragging about the kills they were getting with this stuff!


But that's not all, on top of that, I've added a couple secret extra's that you will have to wait until you get inside to see. In total there are over 5 hours of Video and that's likely to top 6 hours soon as I add new videos all the time!


Try it with ZERO-RISK

Go ahead and order and if you change your mind, just send me a quick email with "Refund" in the subject line and nothing else and I will refund your order. That's it! Absolutely ZERO RISK!

100% Money Back Guarantee

The Frigate PRO Guide comes with a 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. I'll take the risk on my shoulders so you don't have to!