ISK Video Series


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Day 1 (When You Click "Sign Up"): Basic Market Trading

This is what other people are charging $20 to $50 dollars for. But you'll get it here for free! Plus, because it's video and not text, you'll be able learn it A LOT faster!

No BS Translation: You'll be able quickly start making steady income from trading.

Day 2: Over 100 Million ISK Per hour in a T1 Frigate?

Watch this video to learn a really easy and fun way that virtually any EVE Player, despite his SP or experience can use to start raking in 100 mil or more every hour!

No BS Translation: You'll learn how to exploit player battles for very easy profits that can exceed 500 million ISK in some cases!

Day 3: Contract Manipulation 101

Contracts present a unique opportunity in EVE if you understand them and know how to exploit them. There are Billions to be made with this simple technique.

No BS Translation: You'll learn an ISK generation strategy that can and does generate Billions of ISK every single day. This alone could pay for your subscription every month.