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"Who Else Wants The Same 20+ Billion ISK Secrets Used By Elite Level Players?"



The ISK PRO Guide will teach you how you can generate as much ISK as you want with minimum effort on your part.

This is NOT a grinding guide and it's NOT lame noob advice. This is the same "Elite" Level secrets to making ISK that the very best players in the game use.

The ISK PRO Guide was created by Abbadon21, a well known Elite Level Pilot who has helped thousands of EVE players through his articles, videos, and guides.

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Let's go over what you're going to get again:


-Unconventional ISK Profit Report-

  • Why you shouldn't waste your time on the one cent wars in Jita when market trading.
  • How you can create a system that will allow you to get easy guaranteed profits from market trading.
  • How some players make a fortune just by knowing what changes CCP will make in the next patch.
  • A slightly unethical technique you can steal from wall street and apply to make ISK in EVE. Without any pesky jail time.
  • The real secret to being a market master is not to live in Jita. I will tell you why it's important to get far away from Jita if you want to grow an Market Empire.
  • How to maximize your loyalty point gain in missions to get maximum profits for your time.
  • A dangerous but fun way to potentially make billions of ISK per night.
  • Steady Guaranteed Profits from War Deccing small corps that you could probably do while afk.
  • The secret formula to expanding EVE beyond the game and out onto the web for potentially massive profits.
  • An easy way for a solo pilot to score a Billion ISK drop in less than a week by exploiting game mechanics. Virtually anyone can do this but it will probably appeal more to those who enjoy greifing.
  • Can you make a hundred million or more by flying through some dangerous space without dying? Yes!


-Epic Profit Report-

  • When was the last time you made 400 Million ISK in a single night of PVE?
  • A few years ago CCP added a feature that allows all players to get this guaranteed payout and it's easy to do.
  • This same feature allows around 50% of EVE's players to get a free Faction Cruiser (Cynabal or Gila) in only a few hours of effort.
  • The reason more people don't do this is because unless you know how to do it, you will lose your ship and pod trying.


-Market Manipulation Videos-

  • Trading the market and exploiting price differences is great but why not Manipulate the market prices your self to multiply your profits?
  • In these videos you will learn the secrets to taking control of entire markets and then using that control to get truckloads of ISK.


-Own Your Own Plex Video-

  • A simple way any player (even a 1 week old player) can get complex gear every day and potentially many many times a day.
  • This takes about 5-10 minutes and can be done with a alt that has virtually no training. You just log the alt in and collect your complex gear!


-High Sec Ganking Video Guide-

  • There are billions of ISK moving around High Security space and there's really nothing stopping you from stealing it.
  • All it takes is a little know how and you and your friends can cash in on other peoples work.
  • This video will take you through the process, show you some real ganks, teach you the secrets, and give you everything you need to start ganking (minus the gank ship).


-Scamming Guide-

  • Don't copy all the lame scams in Jita!!!
  • When you compete with the hoards of other scammers all doing the same scams you are fighting over a very small pie of players dumb enough to fall for it.
  • This Report is not about how to run the "send me your ISK and I'll double it scam" that doesn't make any ISK. Nor is it about any of the other crappy scams. The Scams and Cons in this Report are on a whole new level. You will learn the fundemental mechanics behind running a Con so you can become a master at the craft.
  • These real Cons bring in Billions and even Trillions of ISK. They are the real deal!


-Incursion Report-

  • People are literally lining up to get in on EVE's newest ISK printing machine.
  • With little to no experience people are making over 100 million ISK per hour, but there's a secret to getting that whenever you want it.
  • This quick and dirty little Profit Report will have you sucking down ISK from Incursions in just minutes.


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