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The Rail Comet and Rail Enyo Guides are a part of the much larger Frigate PRO Guide. They teach how to use both of these ships to DOMINATE FW PVP. These Guides will guarantee you're are getting Solo PVP Kills in the next few days (if not hours) by using what they teach!

This is the lowest priced guide on the website and it comes with a few extra supporting tactics guides, like the very good Isolation Guide which teaches you all the different Isolation Tactics you can use to turn a outnumbered fight, into a series of manageable one on one fights.

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Bobbity August 24, 2015
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markod 11/04/2014, 5:06 pm:

YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched this and other video now, only GOD knows how many times and with your technical and detailed training video I was able to kill a Garmur worth over 105mil isk with my 5mil Tristan with 5 hob’s and 2 ion blasters. Against a guy that is 3 years my senior, and I’m only 7 months old. I can not crack his Imperial Navy slicer, but his Garmur I got!!!!!.
Thank you so much. “You the man!!!!”
I’m not going to post the kill here cause humiliation is not my style.

Oh, most important thing.


The one thing I noticed is that as I view/watch your video and then do, I can then go back to your video and I’ll notice that there is something I missed in the previous viewing but now noticed and put that into practice. So for those thinking of purchasing this. Make sure you watch this a few times before and after you put the skills into practice cause it helps.



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Order NOW for Only $1.99!!!




No Thanks, I want to go straight to the FW Tristan Guide (Click HERE)