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My first brutix solo pvp kill
From: Kandali
Sent: 2016.05.03 15:10
To: Abbadon21,Bro,I just want to thank you for your brutix guide and tactics lecture. My first legit solo pvp kills (linked below) are totally due to your teaching.I used slightly amended fit Kandali's Brutix (no drones as I just lost them in the fight 🙂 ) Escaped with 22% structure.Kill: Leopold Lark (Svipul) Kill: Leopold Lark (Capsule)Glorious!
Thank you.

Good hunting,

Finally made it
From: M****** G*****
Sent: 2015.11.13 08:50
To: Abbadon21

Hi,after 2 years of fights, losses and some wins I finally made it to the TOP 1000 on BC :)Thanks for any tips and advice you gave me on my way.

I'm still far away from Your achievements, but one day...



Riddyk November 9, 2015
Bobbity August 24, 2015
Phrynohyas August 17, 2015
ExplodingPigeons August 15, 2015


2/25/2015 10:37 AM


I want to say thanks again for our 1 on 1 PVP lesson in January.

Your advice after looking at my KB was to "lose some ships." That was the best advice. Since that time, my corp has relocated to FW space where I've focused mainly on flying frigates. They are cheap to lose and I can try out a ton of different fits and tactics. At first, I topped my Corp's list of "ship losers" but I noticed that I started creeping up the "Top Character" list as well. It took losing dozens of ships literally to overcome my fear of taking a risk. I have lost that "oh no, I'm about to get butt-f'd" sensation every time I engage. And after each loss, I write down a couple of notes on ships types, tactical mistakes, and "lessons learned." Just that small thing helped me learn quickly what to look for in a system, how to choose my fights wisely, and the various tactical advantages and disadvantages of frigates.

Thanks again for for the lesson. I'm thinking of doing a follow-up lesson to hone some of the tactics we went over earlier.



markod 11/04/2014, 5:06 pm:

YOU ARE A LEGEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watched this and other video now, only GOD knows how many times and with your technical and detailed training video I was able to kill a Garmur worth over 105mil isk with my 5mil Tristan with 5 hob’s and 2 ion blasters. Against a guy that is 3 years my senior, and I’m only 7 months old. I can not crack his Imperial Navy slicer, but his Garmur I got!!!!!.
Thank you so much. “You the man!!!!”
I’m not going to post the kill here cause humiliation is not my style.

Oh, most important thing.


The one thing I noticed is that as I view/watch your video and then do, I can then go back to your video and I’ll notice that there is something I missed in the previous viewing but now noticed and put that into practice. So for those thinking of purchasing this. Make sure you watch this a few times before and after you put the skills into practice cause it helps.