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The ninja pilgrim builds fit my play style very well and am enjoying learning how to fight with them. Since the damage is all from drones, optimizing their utility would be very important to the success of the ship. Now since your opponent should be capped out, all the active hardeners, reppers and dcus should be off so all the resist holes should be wide open for that ship type.

Sending out EM drones to beat down the shields then replacing them with another type to take down the armor would take too much travel time where no dps is being applied and would negate the advantages of matching damage type to resist weakness.

Closing to reduce unproductive drone travel time may be a tactic but if against a projectile ship that is not effected by being capped out could be very dangerous.

What I’m looking to do is to standardize my combat tactics with the pilgrim that would make my combat drill effective against a wide range of opponents. Abbadon you have so much experience with your hundreds of fights that much just comes automatically to you. I get too easily confused in the fight with all the myriad of things to consider. So, having a standard battle drill that I employ in every fight with my pilgrim would serve me well methinks.

Because I have limited drone bay capacity, the right combination of light and medium drones is an important consideration. Finding an optimal mix that has good performance against a wide range of ship types is important.

I have a test in mind to determine whether a mixed damage type or single damage type drone pack would be best across a wide range of racial shield and armor resistances. I’ll crunch some numbers and report back. Stay tuned!