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In one of the videos Abaddon talks about the importance of gettin dps on target quickly. That higher dps is useless if it takes too long to get it on your target.

After reading the Eve Uni training on drones, methinks the same speed philosophy would apply to drone dps. A faster drone with less dps could be more desirable then a slower drone with more dps.

Now for me, trying to decide what drone damage types to use in the middle of a fight is just another demand of my mind amongst many. With the ninja pilgrim you have some time typically to plan your attack while stealthed but for most other ships you don’t. With so many ship types it is difficult to quickly predict what the main holes in resistance will be and if passive or active modules will be used.

So, given the above, I would think it would be wiser to use a mix of drone damage types with the edge towards faster drones and EM. Why EM? There are many shield fit configurations where EM would be the damage of choice. You also have to knock down the shields before you drones can chew into armor. So, the faster you get to the armor the faster you kill the ship. So, I believe a standard of 2 EM, 1 KN, 1 EX, and 1 Thermal for medium and heavy drone packs would be optimal. For light drones a mix of 3 EM and 2 EX would be optimal for frigs, destroyers and interceptors.

So, faster drones to get to the target quicker. Drone packs leaning towards EM damage to get through the shields faster. Mixed damage types to exploit whatever resistance holes are available once the shields are down. Together should lead to faster kills.