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On this page you can choose which Membership Option you would like to buy. You can buy individually or in bundles as listed below to save some money.


The Hull Brutix Guide - $9.99

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The Ninja Pilgrim Guide - $19

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The Shield Boosting Guide - $19

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The SFI PRO Guide - $19


The Hurricane PRO Guide - $19


The Wolf PRO Guide - $9.99


The Frigate PRO PVP Guide - $39


The ISK PRO Guide - $29


The Frigate PRO PVP Guide AND The ISK Pro Guide - Only $49


One Hour Private 1 on 1 PVP Lesson with Abbadon21 - $99

84 thoughts on “Membership Options Page

  1. I’ve been looking at your free videos and they are very useful videos. I’m thinking about buying one or both of your guides but I have to ask, what sets your guides apart from other eve guides?

    • I’m glad you asked… Have you looked at the other guides? None of them offer ANYTHING free because they know that once you see what they offer you won’t buy it.

      I show you up front a preview of what you get.

      Next, All of the other guides available are Text Only! No video, No audio. Simply PDF files with pretty pictures. My guides are mostly Video so you can see and hear while you learn. This means you can advance much faster.

      Finally, all the other guides are made by ghost writers or people who aren’t well known elite level players.

    • I spent years in low sec fighting the good fight. After a while, I got paranoid. Too many losses of expensive ships. Too many gate camps. Too many blobs.
      The frig pro guide takes you back to the basics, and starts you down the path to winning again. If you want to buck the odds and win, especially in affordable ships, this is worth the money.

    • One thing Abbadon21 is reluctant to do is critic other recorders, rightfully so as there objective and interest may be different from “others”. But one who has paid for his membership, I’m not as humble as Abbadon21. What sets his training video part is that Abbadon21 goes into detail of what to fit and why against what. You may need to listen multiple times cause theirs some many things to look for, look at that you simply can’t comprehend the first time around. It won’t be pay once and watch once, I can honestly say you will watch multiple times his videos. And then once you have tried his steps you will come back again and again. So don’t think that your sub $20 is for a single video, think of it that your able to watch it unlimited times. and if your like me and have a tablet , you can watch it while traveling to and from work.

    • I’ll tell you how I Justified buying the guide. I came back to EVE after a long break. I had done all the blob fleets and it just sucks. It is no fun nor is it a challenge to catch “That Guy” on a gate and do a small amount of damage to him and then ( poof ) He is in a pod (Not Magic). We have all been “That Guy” and it sucks. I wanted more out of EVE and small gang and solo is more, much more. So I went into low sec and tried my hand. I was bad, bad, very bad as we all are when we first start out. I watched all the Youtube videos and read lots of words that people took the time to type out and did get a little better. I had seen some Abbadon 21 videos and liked them but didn’t want to pay for them and so I didn’t. And here is the kicker. After NOT paying for the guides I lost 3 bill. in ships. Most of which I should have not been flying. It is simple math. Spend all that time whelping ships, getting frustration and going at it on my own and a Plex is $20 btw and 1 bill. is a Plex. If you buy it or grind it, it’s still $20. I could have saved all that money / isk, time and wtf by buying a guide that doesn’t get frustrated when you don’t do it just right. Or gets tired of say the same things over and over again. I can learn in my time and have the guidance of a player that does very well and have him at the touch of a button ant time day or night. Buy the guide I did and it’s working.

      • That’s a great way to look at it and mirrors my own reason for making the guides. When I learned I had to spend well over 4 billion ISK and 2 years of paying the monthly subscription because no one out there made guides and the only thing you could find was vague forum posts and pdf guides.

        As a new or even old player, these guides are a shortcut to never have to pay real money for EVE again, and a tried and tested way to learn Solo PVP with proven ships and tactics.

        Thank you for taking the time to write that. I really appreciate hearing about your experience.

  2. how to put wolf guide in the same account as the pvpro one i bought earlier ?

    • I think you need to buy while logged in to your other account but I’m not 100%. If you want me to combine them, just tell me the user name you want and I will put both on that user and delete the other user.

  3. crap I bought the Cane guide from the link in my email and NOT while I was logged in

  4. Hi. I retired from EVE some years ago (4 in fact) and was pretty good at solo PVP now i came back and even got my old toon back from a buddy who quit recently. I tried to start off where i left…. roaming CR ,PB, Fade and Syndicate but i always got spanked very badly. My old tactics didn’t work out cause there are so many new items and many new skills … have you got a guide to solo PVP for ppl that were out of touch with EVE for a longer period of time?

  5. Thanks for all the free videos, they’ve helped an old player long retired return to eve. I plan to find a way to afford the frigate pvp pro guide and isk pro guide bundle. Really want to maximize my fun with eve before it gets stale again.

  6. Hey man,

    I was wondering how the new patch(es) will affect your guides. With all the rebalancing and new modules update, will your ship related guides remain useful? I assume that there will be slightly better/more effective possible after all the upcoming updates, but I could be entirely wrong. But if this is the case, will you be redoing/updating your current guides?

    • I try to keep all the guides updated as quickly as possible. Most likely the new updates will only effect fittings slightly and not the overall tactics and flying style that I teach. If that’s the case I can update pretty quickly.

  7. slightly better/more effective shiploadouts*

  8. i was just wandering im thinking about buying your frig guide and isk combo but i was wandering is it a DL of all the videos or do you watch them on this site.

    also when i enter my email to join it doesnt do anything i checked my email to see if i have to wait for a confer but nothing yet if im doing something wrong pls let me know.

    • The videos are all streamed through the website. You watch them on the site, but they are viewable on PC, Mac, and most mobile devices that can play video.

      If you are entering your email to get the free PVP Lessons or ISK Lessons, then you should be able to enter your email, then be instantly sent to the free videos. If that’s not the case let me know in more detail whats happening so I can help.

  9. i was wandering fo you happen to have a guide for flying drone boats like the vexor or myrmidon im a newer player with around 4mill sp but training into maxing drone boats i just think there a blast but could use help flying them well.

  10. i just tried out the Talos got anything for that

  11. sorry for all the questions im just mostly trained into gallente so just want to make sure i learn for the first class ill be able to fly

  12. yeah i saw that i just got the guide for frigs and isk and starting to train into Taranis now. ive been flying a Retribution i notice alot of your frig guild is for intercep ships are thay just better ships then the T2 assult frigs i know both ships are flown a bit diffrent and amarr ships lack a bit in speed i have more videos to watch maybe you go over that later as of right now my frig skills are a bit lacking so hoping to improve alot over the next few months while studying your guide most of my roams are in Null so fights get intresting im located down in KFIE and test space is everywhere lol seems to be the main people i fight so being about to take on many at once will be a plus

    • In the Frigate PRO Guide I do a lot of videos about Anti-Inty tactics because those are a very good way for a low to moderate skill point character to penetrate null sec and get great fights by chasing blobs. It has a lot of bang for the buck.

      Assault ships are also great for PVP but need to be used a little differently. If you go with a tanky Retribution, you want to avoid blobs and look for fights where you have plenty of time with the target. A more DPS heavy retribution could do some Guerrilla stuff by dropping soft targets fast before the blob arrive.

  13. How does it work? I mean, if I pay for guide (I interested in ISK PRO Guide) what will I get? I didn’t find any information here. Will you send me a file? Or mail me a DVD disk?

    • Once you pay for the Guide you will be sent to a registration page to create an account for this website. Then you will log in to the account and all the videos, text, and everything else will be there for you to access instantly. No mail or DVD (they take to long anyway).

  14. Hi! i’m on the road with your good wolf lessons just bought. I *really* appreciate your style and your method.
    While learning the wolf techniques i was figuring out how the Hurricane would be efficace (and efficient) after the big nerf. Do you think cane still a good choice?

    • I think the Hurricane will still be good after the nerf, but I’m still not sure exactly what the best way to fly it will be. They are pushing it toward being an Armor ship so perhaps a Nano Armor Repping ship? I won’t be sure until I can play with the new changes and fittings.

  15. Hey i am interested in buying your guide but am very skeptical in buying things like this mainly because i don’t know if its worth it im not going to lie. if i buy your guide for 40 bucks what comes in it do i have to buy separate guides for like the cane and other ships. and i fly mostly Caldari ships do you have info for people that fly Caldari because i have seen mainly Mimnitar and Amar ships on the previews.

    • I think the Guide you are referring to (at $40) is my Frigate PVP PRO Guide which is the best suited PVP Guide for a Caldari pilot because it contains PVP fittings, video guides, and everything else about several of the Caldari Frigates.

      The Minmatar guides could prove helpful to you as a way to learn the next level Tactics, however I would strongly suggest starting with the Frigate Guide and then maybe training up for a Wolf and trying that Guide next.

      The Frigate Guide offers a very good foundation with some great guides that will get even very new characters out killing other players ships fairly quickly (especially using the Anti-Inty tactics).

      As for being Skeptical, I can offer a few things:

      1. Check out my Testimonials page to see what other people have said at:
      2. Ask in corp or alliance chat (or any chat for that matter) to see if anyone can give you their opinion.
      3. I sell everything with a 100% Guarantee. If you don’t like it I will refund your order with ZERO questions (within 24 hours most the time).

    • Buy it. You won’t regret it. I’ve lived in low sec for years. I bought this guide last year, and it really improved my game. I got bored hiding from the blobs and actually quit for a while. This guide teaches you how to fight against those blobs, and how to have a blast doing it.

  16. I only have one thing to say… the Isk Pro Guide is awesome! I’m def in time getting all of the guides. =)

  17. I got my first kill last night in an Enyo while going against a thrasher who was ranked in the top 10k. No idea what he did wrong but I ended up popping him with about 30 hp left of my structure. It was pretty damn thrilling getting my real first solo kill that I EARNED by myself against a bigger badder ship.
    I’m back on my dieing streak again, but after a few weeks I’ll start ordering the 1 on 1 sessions. I want to wait a bit though so I can implement the fundamentals and actually get my 100 dollars per hour worth.

    • Wow, awesome job. That sounds like an exciting fight. The more you get out there and fight the more wins you will get and less losses, just stay with it.

      The topic of lessons is your choice, but something link dueling on the test server and analyzing the fights could be very productive.

  18. Hello,
    First I would like to say that I’m very fan of your videos, you are to be congratulated. I would like some information on their packages these guides:

    1st What are the forms of access will I have with the package bought? you send the mail? receive online, by email, logged on your website?

    2nd How long before I receive the package?

    3rd What guarantee do I have that I’ll receive the package?

    PS.:(Sorry for the english because I’m using a translator)

    • The Guides are delivered over this website. After you order you will be allowed to create an account, you then log on using that account and all of the Guides, Videos, and other Material is either downloadable or streamable.

      Because it’s all delivered over the internet you will get access to it within minutes of your purchase.

      All of the Guides come with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t like it, send me a mail saying “refund” and I’ll refund your order with no questions asked. I have never and will never deny a refund request.

      • One more question, the guide “The ISK PRO Guide” contains callouts and texts on video? or is it a guide to audio only?
        I need a guide to writing well because my english is a little bad.

        • All of the Guides are Primarily Video with Me Talking and Teaching as the video plays. Most Guides also have some PDF Guides and Images as well. The ISK Guide has the most Text of all the Guides but also has many hours of Narrated Video.

        • English is not my native language either. However narrated videos are not that hard to understand and I was able to understand them quite well.

          If you are in doubt then just watch one of the free videos.

  19. I am interested in being a didicated Frigate PVP Pilot, should i just buy the frigate guide and the isk bundle or should i go with the frigate and wolf guide? and how do i register?

    • If ISK is not a problem, then the Frigate PRO Guide and Wolf Guide will do the trick. But if you don’t have the ISK to pay for a lot of losses as you learn, I would get the ISK Guide as well.

      After you order you will be allowed to register. Then make sure you are logged in should you buy more Guides, so they are added to your account.

  20. Hey man hows it going, i plan on doing some 1 on 1 lessons with you pretty soon, i just wanted to know if you still are doing that as well. I just starred this game 3 days ago, so i wanted to know what race/bloodlines exc to go and what ships have there benefits. my friends do mission running atm and are going to jump into pvp pretty soon, so I’m trying to catch up my knowledge and so far your quires have been god. is my email if thats a better way to set up 1 on 1 help. thanks man!

  21. I’m considering buying the ISK pro guide and I’ve been looking at reviews and your videos extensively to see if it’s worth. The only question I have at all about the ISK Pro Guide is do you have any type of support system set up if we have trouble understanding a part of the guide?

    • You can always email (or eve mail) me your questions. Also you can post a comment on a page and I will answer there so others can see in the future. I never mind answering questions.

  22. I love your, guides, Abaddon21. I have been using your PvP hurricane builds for a few weeks and love it. I still have a long way to go, but you’ve given me a good start. I am considering buying one of your guides, either the Hurricane one or the Isk guide. Question/Suggestion: have you ever considered opening an Amazon Storefront for your stuff? This would give you not only greatest visibility but would also give your customers additional payment options. Think about it. Your guides are awesome, awesome. Keep teaching us the good stuff.

    • I’m glad you like the guides.

      As for Amazon, I had someone else suggest that, but I’m not sure if I can sell videos bundled with text guides there? I will have to look into it because I already use them for cloud servers. Thanks for the suggestion.

  23. Hi Abaddon21!
    I love all your free guides and want to buy but I’m from Russia and we have some problems of using PayPal.
    Is it possible to use WebMoney instead ?

    • I’m sorry I’m not familiar with WebMoney. Ideally it’s best to use Paypal ( or a Credit Card) but I also have Bitcoin as an option if that’s easier for you.

  24. I am signed up to receive email from your site but when I try to log in it says my email isn’t registered, how can I fix this?

    • When you sign up for the free ISK or PVP Videos it sends you to a webpage where you can access them, then every few days/weeks you will receive emails with links to new videos.

      The Log In part of the site is for Admin and Customers who have purchased Guides.

  25. Oh I got a question are there any new updates and guides coming out lately? As is this site still active?

    That aside I’m looking at the personal coaching thing and wondering if its worth it

    • Yes it is very active. I have a new guide coming out very soon and if you look at the root of the site ( you see that I have recently done updates to 3 different guides.

      I always recommend guides first before coaching, if you have already gotten some guides and still need help then coaching is a good choice.

  26. Hi, how many page you PRO ISK Guide have? Also in what year it was released and is it still good for 2014?

    • Most guides are Video Guides with footage and narrated instruction. There are some text guide here and there but those serve mostly as reference to support the video guides because video makes learning much easier.

      I try to keep all guides up to date, however you will see some old footage in some places. However all of the video and tactics are still effective. Whenever something changes I go back and update.

  27. Where can I get support from, need help please.

  28. How long does access to a pro guide last? Is it good for a month, a year or some other formula such as a version number?

  29. Hopefully current members will be grandfathered. I paid for 3 guides I believe and would hate to have to repay every year, expecially when I am waiting for 2 of the 3 guides I bought, to be updated.

    • I would never remove access to past members, but I may at some point create updates for each year that contain all new videos, fittings, and tactics based on the current meta. Ex: 2016 Wolf PRO Guide

      Either way that is a long way out. I have 3 or 4 guides almost finished that I need to tie up first.

  30. Sounds good

  31. Hay, have you thought about putting all your guides into 1 purchase as an option? I see you have linked a couple of guides together but for some newer players that are not 100% on what they want to fly been able to buy them as a bundle would be a great way to look at the different types of ships and how you run them in pvp to make there decision.

  32. Any other possibility to pay for a guide beside PayPal payment ? Even paying using credit Card Option through PayPal payment will create an PayPal account behind the scene because you have even there to provide an email address AND a PayPal Passwort. They are using that to create an PayPal account without stating that to you. PayPal is simple a criminal !

    • Sorry, I only have Paypal setup because it’s API integrates with the website and automates orders. You can order with credit card on Paypal. Why do you not like to use Paypal?

  33. Hello,

    If I purchase the everything bundle, will that include any future content and updated content that you release free of additional charges?


    • No… The EVERYTHING Bundle consists of all the guides released at that time as well as free updates to those guides. Future Guides are not included and I usually increase the price of the EVERYTHING Bundle with each new added guide.

  34. hey, only had your frigate pro guide for a week and i’m already getting better, managed to escape someone with snake implants yesterday by using your bounce tactic aswell and toying with blobs is great fun!!
    I’ll deffo be recommending your guides to new corp members and others,

    cheers o7

    • Awesome… I’m happy to hear the guides are helping and you are enjoying them. I always appreciate when people spread the word, it’s the absolute best advertising I could get.

  35. Hi just wondering if you are still active in game? i got a few questions before i am sold. ( not that i do not believe but you last comments 6 months ago so i kinda wanna
    be sure.)

  36. Paypal is not working in our country. How can I use my credit card without Paypal? I couldn’t see any vpos option or link.

  37. Hey I got the isk guide and now want the rest what’s the cost on getting all, is it – less the cost of isk guide or full price, thanks love the isk guide

  38. Hey i bought the frigate pvp guide with p aypal my username for your website is berner747 and i can’t access it. It’s been several hours since purchase…

  39. Hello , same here , bought the bundle frigate pro pvp guide along with the ISK pro guide after having purchased the Ninja Pilgrim guide .

    The Pilgrim guide works well , both todays purchases do not allow me to access .

    Please support . Many thanks 🙂

    Best regards
    PasoDelLobo ( different PayPal Account name)

    • If you purchase while not logged in the website messes it up. I have fixed it and gave you access to the Frigate Guide and ISK Guide. I also gave you the Wolf Guide, Brutix Guide, and SFI Guide. Let me know if you have any trouble with them.

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